Welcome to Fedazon, a marketing hub that connects prospective customers with sellers worldwide in a top-notch market environment.

Our mission is to create an innovative platform that rebrands e-commerce activities to give sellers and customers a more fulfilling experience, having a lasting impact on our world. Through the power of business, we seek to strengthen communities and empower people.

As a value-driven platform, we empower people– customers and sellers- by inspiring them to achieve their goals. Customers get to buy a broad spectrum of quality products at competitive prices while sellers have access to market their products to millions of prospective online and offline customers.

Also, we have a range of services, features, and tools that enhance sellers’ business opportunities. As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, you can start, manage, and grow your business on our platform.
Our platform is designed to give customers a seamless shopping experience that makes them choose us as their go-to shopping platform.


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CEOs are responsible for overseeing the entire C-level executive team. They also are responsible for making the major decisions, managing the resources and overall operations of a company. A CEO in a large corporation will deal with strategic decision-making that directs a company toward overall growth. CEOs in smaller corporations may deal with the day-to-day functions of a company. A CEO is usually chosen by the board of directors and their shareholders. CEOs communicate directly with the board and corporate operations. They are the visionaries of a company and often set the tone and corporate culture.

Uzzal Hossen

Chief Information Officer

Chief information officers are in charge of information technology within a corporation. They are responsible for planning IT strategies that fit into the overall strategies and goals of a company. For instance, a CIO may recreate a website that attracts more customers or they may integrate new software to assist with inventory management. A CIO also manages the information technology department. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the corporate improvement programme and for driving operational efficiency across Equinor’s eight business areas. The COO also plays a key role in the further development of Equinor. The role of the COO organisation is to drive consistent long term safe and efficient operational performance and value creation.

Kofi Odoom

Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officers are responsible for managing the overall financial actions of a company. They track the cash flow of a company, handle financial planning, analyze the company's finances to identify strengths and weaknesses, and they propose action plans to fix financial issues. They are also responsible for managing the accounting and finance divisions of a company to ensure reports are finished accurately and on time. In a financial institution, a CFO is a highest-ranking executive.


Our company’s vision is to become the world’s foremost value-generating platform that maximizes innovation and continuous development to provide top-quality service and superior experience to sellers and buyers by delivering beyond their expectations.

We recognize your role in helping us fulfill this vision as a part of a high-performing team committed to providing an optimized e-commerce platform built on research and development. We value your efforts in realizing our vision and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Our focus on vendors (merchants or sellers) and customers worldwide is a clear indication of our commitment to helping them fulfill their goals; for this, we are proud of the value-added services that we provide.

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