Aluminum Foil Repair Tape

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Aluminum Foil Repair Tape

Cut and stick. Just two steps to instantly mending any leak or crack! 



This powerful, sturdy tape allows you to:

✔ Patch large holes, cracks, gaps and tears.

✔ Bond together just about anything.

✔ Seal out water, air, and moisture.


An absolute must-have on building renovations, construction sites, and home projects alike.



🌟 Need a multi-functional, ultra-sticky adhesive tape that can fix just about anything? 🌟

Our magical aluminum foil tape is just what you need! Made of high-performing butyl rubber and aluminum foil, this is the most sturdy tape you’ll ever meet (or need).

Discover a permanent fix for airtight sealing of broken windows, leaking boat sealing, and patching of rubber roofs.


✔ Flexible, adhesive this tape holds up to different objects, surfaces, and angles of use.

✔ Weather-resistant and able to withstand temperatures of 40°C to 120°C (104°F to 248°F).

✔ Easy to use – just peel off the film layer and seal the butyl tape anywhere you need it.

✔ Widely-applicable for everything from sealing building roofs, to surface cracks, RV repairs, window patching, marine seals, holding wires together, and more.

✔ Resistant to UV rays.


How To Use:



Length: 5m (197in)

Width: 5cm (1.97in) / 10cm (3.94in) / 20cm (7.88in)

Material: Aluminum foil backing, butyl rubber


Package Includes:

1 x Aluminum Foil Tape roll


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Filament Tape



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Paint & Decorating

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114 Reviews For This Product

  1. 114

    by V***a

    with a discount was a really lovely purchase. i am sure i will order again next month

  2. 114

    by T***s

    Same as the picture, good quality, right size and very fast shipping

  3. 114

    by T***s

    Very sticky. Once it sticks you can peel maybe very quickly after, but very sticky. Sturdy too.

  4. 114

    by A***n

    Excellent high quality product. Worked a charm for me as I needed to tape a gap between the hot water tank vent pipe.

  5. 114

    by C***s

    Purchased as a safe was to secure some items for a terrarium. Sticks well and doesn’t get hot. Doesn’t leave glue on the glass.

  6. 114

    by M***w

    No need to buy the expensive tape as this is just as good and for the price it’s an awesome value!! I use this stuff EVERYWHERE so finding this alternative brand is going to save my bank account..

  7. 114

    by S***a

    Great performing product. I used it to seal the air leaks between my furnace and plenum duct work. The tape is strong and conforms well to odd shapes. It adheres well. I recommend cleaning the surface first.

  8. 114

    by S***a

    The tape works well thanks. I am a intermodal truck driver and at times I encounter holes in containers that Ive had unloaded and the next customer to load it refuses it due to the hole(s). The tape is good enough for a quick fix.

  9. 114

    by J***s

    Had to tape up an air handler on an HVAC system. This stuff worked great and was easy to apply on and the finished result looked like it was professionaly done. Would recommend

  10. 114

    by O***a

    This is the perfect Foil tape. Not so wide to be unwieldy and not so thick that it is hard to work with unlike the 3M. Still very strong and adhesive is also powerful. Did an entire HVAC system with it this weekend. Highly recommend this product and will be buying again

  11. 114

    by M***w

    For the price and length, I was expecting a thinner tape, but this is nice and thick with good adhesion. It repositions well for redirecting, but I have not tried removing any that was firmly attached. Very nice product all the way through.

  12. 114

    by M***e

    I am not an HVAC person, but I ran across aluminium tape for the first time about 2 years ago. It is so handy in crafting and miniatures, especially when you need a metallic base. This roll will last forever; it had much more than a similarly priced roll in the store!

  13. 114

    by A***r

    tape is actually thick and durable went felt by hand….adhesive is also very good and able to withstand harsh conditions – i have used this tape to patch up and holes inside a server case – in which internal server temperatures are generally about 68 +/- degrees Celsius on average

  14. 114

    by L****a

    I used this tape to seal the edges of my attic stairway cover. The size works well and it sticks firmly, but to separate the foil is a bit tricky.

  15. 114

    by T***s

    This is the best overall aluminum tape on the market. The overall quality is excellent. The paper backing makes it easy to measure, cut and affix to your project. I used this tape to install dryer ducts and then used it to insulate my garage doors. I just ordered another roll because I want to be sure this is available for future projects.

  16. 114

    by D***l

    I used this tape to repair a 14 year old custom sun shade that had cracks because I couldn’t find another custom shade that would fit my vehicle perfectly. The shade is constantly folded and the tape is sticking.

  17. 114

    by A***r

    Used this tape on an interior wall as a foundation to run LED lights. It was easy to use and I think stuck better than the lights would have. I think it offers some reflection to increase the lights and some insulation

  18. 114

    by D***n

    Easy to use. Has held up perfectly, even in the extreme heat of an attic in Texas!

  19. 114

    by A****e

    Having to peel the backing as your trying to wrap it around a duct in a hot attic while standing on a ladder just plain annoying

  20. 114

    by K***y

    Strong and easy to apply, backing comes off easily allowing for smooth application. Adheres good and not easily removable. Basically what you’re paying for.

  21. 114

    by K***y

    A friend recommended this tape because I am remodeling a vintage camper and the wheel well had a split in the metal cover. This stuff works great!! It adheres excellently and stays!! Easy to apply. Just what I needed. Highly recommend!!

  22. 114

    by D***l

    Used to cover the seams on kraft faced R 30 attic insulation. I also used in around vapor barrier and mylar foil faced foam board. Strong adhesive stuck to pretty much anything. Great price point and prompt service. I have purchased several rolls over the months and will continue buying more. I am a professional contractor.

  23. 114

    by N***k

    Stops all the unwanted escaping air from your a/c and funace. Saves alot of $$

  24. 114

    by J***a

    I used this item to affix a ceramic fiber blanket between my wood furnace and blower unit. The two are not from the same manufacture and there was a small air gap. The tape stuck well to the unit. The only down fall is you need a little patients to get it started. If the manufacture could install a small tab for starting then it would be excellent.

  25. 114

    by A***e

    I taped several HVAC seams in my attic. Easy to use, easy to apply, and so far, the tape holds as I require. If you need a product like this, this is a quality product and will meet your needs, it met mine.

  26. 114

    by A***n

    Some have complained about getting the backing off to expose the adhesive side of the tape. I just used the point of a carpet knife along the edge to separate the backing from the tape. It sometimes takes a few tries, but really isn’t all that difficult. The adhesive is pretty good and the tape works well.

  27. 114

    by A***a

    This tape sticks extremely well and helped seal the vent in my above range microwave. This tape help make my amateur work look cleaner and professional. It’s difficult to remove the paper backing but besides that I love this stuff.

  28. 114

    by F***a

    This tape was used for my daughter’s school project where she needed to make a background with silver lines and squares. The tape is very shiny/reflective. it has a very strong stick to it and is easy to peel and use.

  29. 114

    by M***n

    It arrived in perfect condition. The backing is a little difficult to pull off, but not hard enough to warrant any star loss: I really don’t mind it. It is VERY sticky, so it stays in place like a charm. Doesn’t even want to leave my fingers once it gets a grip on them. I bought it to tape up the mesh lid on my snakes terrarium and it has done wonders at keeping heat and humidity in without melting near my heat lamp, so it does it’s job well.

  30. 114

    by F***e

    This is like sticky really thick aluminium foil. I used it to tape a wrap around my dryer vent pipe. It was easy enough to work with that my project looked really good. My husband even said “good job”. Which is unheard of. I saw someone had issues with the backing. It took a tiny bit of finagling but it was not so frustrating as to make it an issue. It is just the right thickness to me so when you need to fold it a little to shape it doesn’t look messy.

  31. 114

    by L***a

    What can I say- The aluminum tape was everything is should have been. It is also relatively thick compared to some others that have been used, and i noticed a greater resistance to tearing when trying to apply it (a good thing). Recommend. In my experience, this type of foil tape is superior to regular duct tapes because it does not dry out and fall off.

  32. 114

    by T***r

    I purchased this to replace vinyl cloth silver duct tape as I was constantly having to replace the tape after heat would break down the adhesive and cause the tape to stretch resulting in heated duct air escaping. This stuff works great for adhesion and is thick enough to make a good seal around joint connections. I would recommend this for light to medium jobs as I have used thicker aluminum tape in the past for heavy duty jobs, but it worked great for what I needed it for.

  33. 114

    by K***n

    Exactly what I needed. Part of my skid guard on the underside of my car got knocked loose. My car is so low to the ground you can’t fit under there to fix it. I bought to tape that part back up until I can make it into the Mechanic. It works perfectly. Has great adhesion. I didn’t have any issues getting the backing off, but I saw some great tips in the reviews about putting a little piece of some other kind of tape on both sides and pulling if you have issues. All in all, very satisfied

  34. 114

    by F***e

    So much nicer than regular duct tape because it looks great and should be more durable in some situations. Very sticky. It is hard to get the backing off. I cut a shallow line in a corner and then bent the metal part back, sort of like some pills are accessed. I got foil wrapped flexible duct and used this tape. I also used foil insulation on the furnace outlet box and with this tape it is dazzling. My utility room is a sparkling joy now, totally spiffy.

  35. 114

    by O***r

    The paper backing allows the thin tape to have a stronger adhesive than aluminum tape without the paper backing. It was used to seal around the mating edges of an insulating cover installed over a hallway pulldown stairway. The foil tape adhered securely to the attic wood framing and to the foil of the insulating cover and conformed well in the corners of the joints.

  36. 114

    by C***y

    Not much to say. It’s aluminum tape. The glue holds up great in all weather. It seems to bond to just about anything. I’ve used it to hold extension cords in place, taped up against the side of a trailer. I’ve used it to hold aluminum siding in place while working alone so I can then secure it with screws. (You then remove the tape.) I’ve used it plug holes in aluminum rooves, and it keeps the rain out. (It’s rooves not roofs, like wives, knives, and lives.)

  37. 114

    by B***n

    The thickness is just right. I had concern that it would be flimsy because a mils measurement means nothing to me. It isn’t rigid and it goes on without a problem. And it sticks/stays where you put it. The protective backing comes off relatively easy! I was surprised. That makes a HUGH difference when the project requires lots of taping. This product is a winner.

  38. 114

    by M***e

    I finally got around to using this tape today and it worked real well to seal the duct connections and the few leaks I found. It’s a bit tricky to separate the backing, but I saw a tip form another reviewer who used masking tape on each side to put it apart. I’ll try that next time. It will stick to itself easily so you need to keep the backing on an peel it off as you go. Only cut off what you need to use in at one time and even apply it in small strips if there is not a lot of room to navigate. Once you do a few it gets easier. I was surprise how well it sealed around screw heads and other imperfections. Very flexible for metal tape. I plan to do all the connection points so I will get getting more. Good value.

  39. 114

    by A***a

    I purchased this foil tape a little while ago but just got around to using it today. I did a flexible duct for an AC floor unit to a window. I took it down last Winter and am putting it back up now that Spring is here. This foil tape worked perfectly for my needs. An easy way to peel the foil from the paper backing is to bend a small corner back and forth and the paper will slightly separate from the foil at the edge of the fold line to make it easier to get started. Also, when applying to an angle (such as where the duct meets the window), I found it easier to fold the tape to the approximate angle before removing the backing. That probably seems obvious to some but it wasn’t to me!

  40. 114

    by T***m

    I took a while to write this because I’ve always felt something Must be based on its merit, especially in business. That’s how true success is built, so I needed time to accomplish this.
    Now, I used the tape to seal the border of an 4ft. X 4ft. Square of wire window screen, to avoid its ability to snag, tear, scratch and especially poke you to the point of bleeding. I made the border for my screen about 1 week ago and I have found it to be Exactly as it was from the start.

    Usually, if tape isn’t that good, you will put it on something and a short time later, hours or just a few days, on you need to run your fingers back and forth, across the tape, to get it to seal well again. Well folks, I made sure, when I’d first applied it, that it had been sealed well to start with and a week later, I have checked it out and find it to be perfectly sealed as day one. You will find it to be Very sticky and tough. You actually need to be careful in handling it due to how well it sticks. That’s a welcome symptom to me. I haven’t used other aluminum tape products enough to compare, but I’ve used vast amounts of tape products in life from being involved in all aspects of construction and I’m known as a “jack of all trades”.

    So, simply based on how frustrated I’ve been after using junk tape, I have been extremely happy with this product. Also, the picture doesn’t seem to do it justice for its shine, so for those which want it to look good too, I find that it looks good but it actually polished up even more, to look quite nice. I like to see small companies, with a good product, to succeed and thrive. With the customer service they seem to have, I believe they’ll do great!

  41. 114

    by H***n

    Still use

  42. 114

    by Y***k

    Product came fast looks nice tried to see the quality after rain

  43. 114

    by P***a


  44. 114

    by G***g

    And as in the description tested working

  45. 114

    by D***k

    All ok.

  46. 114

    by S***o

    The goods came quickly. In the case, I have not checked yet, I will check, I will write. Seller recommend.

  47. 114

    by V***A

    Thank you. It’s like advertising. I haven’t used it yet.

  48. 114

    by Y***v

    Roll of waterproof tape for plumbing and repair work. The description corresponds. How will behave in a real situation, let’s see. Later I will add a review. I’m happy with the purchase. I recommend the product and supplier. Delivered to Moscow in two weeks in total packaging for several orders.

  49. 114

    by M***v

    Delivery of super fast-2 weeks to Kiev, went by new mail. The description corresponds, the track was tracked. Until I checked, it looks OK.

  50. 114

    by D***v

    Came until he opened

  51. 114

    by O***


  52. 114

    by D***T

    Excellent quality very strong and glue super good ideal for making seals

  53. 114

    by F***n

    It came well but it hasn’t been tested yet

  54. 114

    by M***n

    The goods came in Mo for a month. They don’t remember much. I think when working, it will smooth out. The goods are satisfied.

  55. 114

    by J***s

    Good quality, looks like a photo. Thanks

  56. 114

    by M***z

    The product shipped in perfect condition and fast recommend it now needs to prove it to see if it’s how they paint it

  57. 114

    by V***v

    Like norms.

  58. 114

    by R***r

    Thank you.

  59. 114

    by Customer


  60. 114

    by S***v

    The parcel was received on time. I didn’t check it.

  61. 114

    by V***s

    i received a little damaged.I think is a good product.

  62. 114

    by D***v

    Отлично. Я доволен

  63. 114

    by O***p

    Packing, delivery is excellent. Thank you.

  64. 114

    by G***v


  65. 114

    by S***s

    I received the parcel, I did not try it in the case, it looks normal.

  66. 114

    by O***v

    Tape is high quality, very sticky. Came quickly, track отслеживался. As will try in fact, дополню tip.

  67. 114

    by Customer

    Slightly damaged due to the examination, but I thank well

  68. 114

    by V***l

    Good product but not tested yet, reasonable delivery time

  69. 114

    by S***v

    All is well but only the address is not the one I indicated

  70. 114

    by M***v

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Looks good. I haven’t tested it yet. Delivery took exactly two months. Thanks.

  71. 114

    by E***

    Спасибо большое за товар! очень хорошая упаковка!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  72. 114

    by V***v

    Packed well, came without damage. I will check in the work, I will complement the review

  73. 114

    by J***K

    Use this line quality is still do. About shipping time was about. Shipping information wasn’t.

  74. 114

    by D***v

    Everything corresponds to the description, Super delivery

  75. 114

    by G***a

    See when I’m going to stick it

  76. 114

    by M***a


  77. 114

    by A***n

    Very sticky, after the start of use do not leave the roll placemat, only on the side, otherwise it will stick not tear off! Excellent only for stationary cracks.

  78. 114

    by K***k

    한국 17일걸림 아직사용은안해봤는데 좋아보여요

  79. 114

    by I***a

    Shipment has been delivered. I hope everything will be fine, as the weather will not allow me to use the tape right away.

  80. 114

    by I***s

    Very fast delivery on a kind of quality we will look like hermetically

  81. 114

    by D***A

    conforme à la description.

  82. 114

    by L***g

    Fast delivery. Received in great condition. Thank you store

  83. 114

    by R***

    Very good product Even waterproof Super fast arrive

  84. 114

    by T***v

    Looks very good. When summer comes, I will test the tape in cracks in concrete.

  85. 114

    by J***n

    Arrived 4 weeks earlier than expected. nicely packaged without damage. fine. of course I still have to wait and see the quality. but it looks good.

  86. 114

    by B***y


  87. 114

    by H***a

    Arrived in good condition!

  88. 114

    by J***n

    voldoet aan de beschrijving maar de levertijd zeer lang.

  89. 114

    by A***i

    Product to try but looks good

  90. 114

    by A***v

    It came in 26 days, received in 5KA. Looks like a good Scotch. I’ll try to glue a cracked sink in the kitchen. Sticky layer resembles gum, slightly sticks to the hands, does not stink

  91. 114

    by J***n

    It works great! Excellent product, I recommend!!

  92. 114

    by F***t

    Well received quickly. Compliant. Thank you

  93. 114

    by J***z

    Good product, sent fast

  94. 114

    by A***v

    Norms, delivery Nova poshta.

  95. 114

    by M***a

    7 day dilivery!! Super

  96. 114

    by V***s

    muito bom e rápido mt obrigado

  97. 114

    by 5***r

    Like the description, I arrive first of all

  98. 114

    by A***o

    на даче в душе между стеной и корытом заклеил. отлично держится не протекает.

  99. 114

    by M***D


  100. 114

    by D***s

    Still not tested but looks good

  101. 114

    by A***a

    In Kazakhstan, the parcel arrived within 1.5 Months The goods are in good condition, without dents In action did not try

  102. 114

    by M***k

    Seems like a high quality product. Waiting to see how it reacts to sun… Used on cross seams on GMC Motorhome RV

  103. 114

    by H***N

    ⭐️ ⭐️ Five Stars Excellent

  104. 114

    by O***v

    I got it, I’ll check it later, I’ll unsubscribe.

  105. 114

    by V***v

    Thank you, although I did not communicate with the store, he will check

  106. 114

    by D***R

    Waterproof adhesive tape that looks perfectly correct. Ordered on 29/03/2021, received on 09/04/2021. Perfect fast delivery.

  107. 114

    by J***i

    looks good

  108. 114

    by L***s

    The goods is according to the description

  109. 114

    by R***a

    Well, though it’s a lot of things, but it’s gone. No marking, no metering, no production date. Just advertising information. Let’s see how it works on the roof.

  110. 114

    by A***L

    Shipping DPD. I did not communicate with the store. Instructions for Russian No. Transleit says that you can use at a temperature of-15 to + 45 …. And something about 24 hours…

  111. 114

    by F***r

    All bestens

  112. 114

    by A***v

    The tape was delivered by the Russian Post in 16 days, in the case until I tried, then I’ll finish the review.

  113. 114

    by A***o

    Product is the one, as is the publication, not yet proven.

  114. 114

    by M***E

    It is working good . I am happy with that.

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