Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

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Reduce Visual Stress & Digital Eye Strain

Our Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses are engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and recommended by doctors to protect your vision during computer and device usage.


Why Choose Blue Light-Blocking Glasses?

The special lenses eliminate eye-strain and reduce headaches caused by scattering blue light. Your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus on that high-energy, short-wavelength spectrum, in turn minimizing fatigue.



As a result of using these glasses, you will be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling much better-rested. Filtering blue light helps regulate melatonin production and helps your body adjust back to its natural sleep rhythm.



Long term blue light exposure can lead to serious medical conditions such as macular degeneration. Rather than treating this condition later in life, it’s far more beneficial to prevent it all together.



Our Gaming Glasses are used to:


✅ Block Blue Light
✅ Reduce Digital Eye Strain
✅ Prevent Dry Eyes
✅ Minimize Glare
Help You Sleep Better

Our Clear Lenses vs. Popular Blue Light Filtering Software



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198 Reviews For This Product

  1. 198

    by J*****y

    All around great comfort, great visual enhancement, and by the gamer for the gamer company!

  2. 198

    by W*****n

    These glasses are great quality for the price and definitely filter the blue light as advertised.

  3. 198

    by U***r

    Great quality, look and build is really nice! Wish i had a blue light to test, but so far so good!

  4. 198

    by U***r

    These glasses are great! They look nice, they are comfortable, and they go easy on the yellow tint and don’t change the color of everything you look at too much. The only big complaint is with the lenses themselves. The lenses get dirty VERY easily and when they are dirty it is obvious. They also seem to reflect from the inside out, so at times I can see my cheeks or even my own eyes in the reflection of the glasses and it get’s very irritated. You what you pay for, and I will continue to use these glasses as they are a wonderful bargain for the price.

  5. 198

    by S****e

    These glasses are great. They look sharp and they’re not tinted so much that they alter color perception. I work in an office setting and after just one day of wearing these glasses I noticed an improvement in my eye health. My eyes no longer hurt, water, itch, or feel bleached out after staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Highly recommended!

  6. 198

    by M***r

    Wow! It was correctly delivered as ordered. strongly recommend this item and store.

  7. 198

    by P***l

    Love them! Had them for 2 weeks and i can tell a huge difference. Customer service was great. Entered wrong zipcode. Replied to confirmation email. Got back to me within the next 2 hours. Received glasses promptly!

  8. 198

    by V***o

    Chic glasses for your money. Eyes stopped hurting, sit well, do not interfere.

  9. 198

    by L**e

    Very Cool and Stylish. These Glasses are sturdy and well made and I highly recommend them!

  10. 198

    by M*****l

    Glasses are not bad but not on a wide face

  11. 198

    by G***r

    Delivery very faaast thanks

  12. 198

    by E***c

    Very nice, will order more!

  13. 198

    by A********o

    Happy with glasses! They look great. Buy boldly!

  14. 198

    by D*****l

    Glasses are plastic, there are no scratches, came in a soft package. Let’s see if the eyes will get tired from the PC or not.

  15. 198

    by M*****n

    Super glasses, perfectly packed, came very quickly. Recommend!!!

  16. 198

    by A*****a

    The glasses are super, the eyes get tired really much less. I advise you.

  17. 198

    by R*****t

    Excellent! I highly recommend the seller. The glasses are beautiful! Happy for the purchase, fast shipping.

  18. 198

    by E*****e

    Very nice lenses, good quality, look expensive

  19. 198

    by L*******e

    The goods arrived in perfect condition. The glasses are very good. The glasses are perfect. I thank you for the perfect shipment!

  20. 198

    by K**m

    This is not something I know much about, been playing video games for years and never really thought about maybe wearing something to help reduce the stress on my eyes. I know for me this has helped a little and can tell a difference looking at my tv without them on and then putting them on. So on the matter of these glasses I see a difference and not sure how big of a difference it actually makes on the stress for my eyes.

  21. 198

    by W******m

    Quality and well made product. Have already passed on the link to a few others and their orders should already be on the way. Very happy customer.

  22. 198

    by P***l

    Way more comfortable than I anticipated. I have been wearing them for 8+ hours a day and I forget I’m even wearing them. I definitely recommend!

  23. 198

    by M***k

    After playing 6 hours of gaming noticed I had a little red eye and the next day when i got my eye where no red eye no fatigue I felt great to lay my head down and go to sleep with no eye strain and blurry vision! Awesome product! 💪

  24. 198

    by A******a

    I love it! That’s so cool, i never thought i would be so comfy with these glasses. No headaches anymore!

  25. 198

    by E****y

    Love these glasses. I wear contacts when streaming so my eyes always get irritated. I’ve noticed less irritation while wearing these glasses. Definitely a must have if you are in front of screens for multiple hours a day

  26. 198

    by F****s

    These glasses work. I have noticed less eye strain and ease of falling asleep after gaming. I usually sit for 3-4 hours on the long side and less than an hour in the short side. The cloth they come with doesn’t seem to clean them well, luckily I have plenty of microfiber towels. They work much better

  27. 198

    by J***e

    I’m extremely happy with these glasses. I’ve purchased other pairs for work, and found these to outperform others I’ve tried. -Sturdiness: the lenses and frames are both well made and do NOT feel flimsy at all. Spring hinges are a great feature as well. -Case/Shipping: the glasses were shipped in the shell case, which I’m also grateful for. I’ve had other glasses be rendered unusable during shipping. Case is very nice too. -Blue light filtering! These have the best blue light filtering ability for non Amber-tinted lenses. Tint is very mild and doesn’t district. You can see the indigo/blue reflection on the picture as well. All that said, I’m looking to get a second pair for my girlfriend when we play a console game or watch TV together. They’re stylish enough to be used casually at home for nighttime tech use, but also worn at the office for work (and I receive compliments on how nice they look!). I’m always happy to recommend a good product/company, so I hope this helps!

  28. 198

    by L***y

    My main concern was the magnification. When I received these glasses they did have a magnification, from previous experience with magnification glasses I would start seeing double numbers (like speed limit signs it would say 45, I would see a second set along side) This of course would be after wearing these type of glasses for hours on end and weeks on end. Once I stopped the problem went away. These glasses might work, I do not doubt that. Just for me magnification is very important.

  29. 198

    by N****a

    It really need a lot of cleaning maintenance. Even after washing it with water, the glasses still feel a bit muddy. Occasionally, I would take it off and clean it again. In the end, I opt for using f.lux more often than wearing glasses. If you are into glasses and want a bit more physical protection, then this one is not bad. Keep in mind though, if you are a headphone user, using your headphone along with the glasses can hurt the side of your ears if you put them on for certain period of time.

  30. 198

    by C********n

    I received the item today. The seller is an awesome person, helped me a lot to make a decision and responded to my messages very quickly. Thanks for everything.

  31. 198

    by A*****n

    I wear them everyday and the day I forgot them before I left for work I genuinely noticed the difference. As someone who’s spent way too much time looking at blue light from work and recreational gaming I was starting to get blurred vision from it and ever since I started wearing them it’s helped dramatically

  32. 198

    by G******t

    These glasses right here are the Pinnacle of gaming glasses. I strongly recommend picking up a pair of these glasses. They keep your eyes in check . they don’t dry up your eyes. They don’t get heavy and to me thats the most important part.

  33. 198

    by S****a

    I do not wear glasses or contacts to begin with, but these were comfortable, light, and do what they are supposed to do. However I did find that they get smudges and dirt on them very easily, even just sitting on my desk for a few hours I would need to clean them. Maybe its just the not glasses owner in me, its annoying. Other than having to clean them and that static they seem to produce when cleaning them so every little fiber sticks to them, they are great glasses overall.

  34. 198

    by R***n

    I used to think gaming glasses were a gimmick awhile back just a way for companies to make money. All that changed once I got a pair of Victory Series! Once I put them on it felt like it put everything in HD. I was super impressed. For the skeptics this is definitely a product true to their word!

  35. 198

    by A****a

    I love my glasses!🤗
    Best addition to any gaming purchase! My eye strain and just focusing issues have been less of an issue since I’ve been wearing blue light filtered lenses!
    The designs are super cute and sleek as well!

  36. 198

    by J****y

    I had been thinking about getting a pair as I am a developer and spend immense amount of time in front of the screen when I came across an Instagram ad for 50% off and thought why not! I had a great ordering experience, super fast to checkout, delivery was extremely fast, the price was awesome. Now I can’t make claims to how much they will help with eye strain, headaches etc, yet! But they fit great and are super comfortable plus my wife thinks they make me look sexy, so I’ll take that any day! Thanks for making a great product!

  37. 198

    by S******e

    I work at a desk staring and 4 screens 9-10hrs a day and I also have a sensitivity to fluorescent lights. I used to get headaches regularly and would get dizzy when in places with fluorescent lights such as grocery stores. I have had these glasses for about 4 months and they have made such a huge difference! I love love love them! They have cut my head aches way down and I don’t get dizzy from fluorescent lights when wearing them. I have gotten 2 of my office lady’s to order a pair also since they were having issues with headaches and they love them as well. I suggest them to everyone. I would definitely recommend these. They are 100% worth the money.

  38. 198

    by D********s

    It definitely makes me feel different. I havent used them enough yet to say that they 100% work but I see that my eyes don’t hurt anymore from any kind of screen that I have and it really eases the “pain” of the light of the screen when I’m gaming at night. I recommend them especially to people that already have some problems with their eyes. My eyes are perfectly healthy and I’m sure with these glasses they are gonna keep being healthy. Thank you for this great product guys.

  39. 198

    by F****t

    Only issue I have with them is they fit a bit tight on the bridge of the nose which took sometime to get used to. They 100% greatly reduce eye strain. I spend upwards of 12 hours looking at a computer monitor while I stream. Once I got off my eyes would be super irritated. Even into the next day sometimes but with these glasses I get none of that. Would and have recommended to everyone. Great product!

  40. 198

    by M***z

    I have to say that at first glance I was sold, these glasses in person are just perfect for the “I need a pair just to read” glasses that double as a blue blocker. I got two pair, one magnified for iPad as I’m on that quite a bit in the evening and a plain glass pair for tv watching. I have only had them for a week or so but right off the bat I can definitely feel better able to sleep at bed time. I didn’t know about this process until I was complaining recently and a friend who uses them religiously said to try, I did and aside from forgetting to put them on occasionally, they work, and look great to boot. Excellent all around. Cheers

  41. 198

    by J*****n

    Been having issues with my eyes due to the many screens I work from. Someone suggested it might be the blue light omitted from the computer screen. So I purchased these glasses and guess what. Problem had drastically been reduced. Slightly surprised at how easy the fix is. Looking for to using these glasses for many times to come. Thank you for making these glasses.

  42. 198

    by M***k

    With my new job I went from having to use a laptop at work for 25% of my day to 90% of my day and my eyes were always puffy, strained and fatigued at the end of the day. After 1 day of wearing these glasses I already notice a huge difference. I feel like there has been a 90% improvement on the strain my eyes were experiencing it was definitely worth the purchase.

  43. 198

    by D***z

    Very good quality-price, you can tell when you wear them that the view rests and the protection of the blue rays of the screens of the PC

  44. 198

    by A***

    Shipping was fast, exelent 100% glasses recommended.

  45. 198

    by D***

    Very nice bezel, solid. Comes in a hard case. Ordered on November 11 received December 01

  46. 198

    by S***r

    Build Quality is Fine. The plastic is nice, feels comfortable and decent. The joints are little bit stiff, not too much, however I hope they won’t start loosening much. We will see if eyes won’t tire as fast while using these.

  47. 198

    by A***o

    10 days to Peter. They are not much small size. Sides “” glass “height 35,4mm, width 49,6mm. In the description, at the very bottom of the goods, approximate sizes. As a gift, a pink cover and a cloth.

  48. 198

    by L***o


  49. 198

    by D***z

    For now quite well. Quick delivery. Just need to try them at work with the PC. Mobile looks good. Each gafa comes with its case and a handkerchief to clean.

  50. 198

    by P***h

    this is only good for the price but this frame is way too heavy and will leave mark on your nose if you wear for long period of time. This frame will give a bold look for a face as its heavy and thick. Spend a little more money and get a light frame glasses. At night and in front of computer this helps reduce eye strain. Color is good and overall ok for the price.

  51. 198

    by A***h

    The glasses came in ten days, they were not damaged on their way. The glasses themselves are excellent. I recommend the store and the goods

  52. 198

    by R***v

    The parcel to Chelyabinsk region reached only 1,5 weeks. Glasses are not bad, really, there is one “but” according to the assembly-the arches are located a little crooked relative to each other. Otherwise, everything is fine.

  53. 198

    by R***v

    We came in a month. Fully and fully correspond to the description. Personally, I came in)

  54. 198

    by J***z

    Good quality lenses feel firm, arrived in perfect condition before expected, with its box in perfect condition and with a cloth to clean them, in one of the images it looks perfectly, the tone change of the lenses.

  55. 198

    by Y***y

    Filters, softens bright light

  56. 198

    by D***m

    Come quickly. Good qulity

  57. 198

    by A***n

    They arrived in 1 week, I recommend the store.

  58. 198

    by D***o

    Came quickly, the quality is satisfied, sat perfectly, comfortable.

  59. 198

    by J***z

    Computer glasses look great and materials of good quality and strong, by testing them with my cell phone, the view is more rested and blocks the rays of blue light, excellent price thanks to the store.

  60. 198

    by L***o

    They’re just like q in the picture. I really liked them. Excellent quality.. I highly recommend them.

  61. 198

    by A***n

    looks good

  62. 198

    by R***v

    Like everything OK

  63. 198

    by G***s

    The quality is excellent. Thank you store.

  64. 198

    by A***s

    Very good quality I recommend

  65. 198

    by A***a

    Very beautiful I liked them, I already feel freshness in my view, I recommend them 100%, very good material

  66. 198

    by J***a

    Fast delivery and well packaged. The glasses look solid. The blue screen is present. Really beautiful. Perfect.

  67. 198

    by D***v

    Wow in the flask pipez, right now, measured, compared with others at this darker lens than others, I will complement the feedback after driving if you put the right arms around everyone!

  68. 198

    by A***s

    Fits well. Good glasses.

  69. 198

    by Customer

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Great product⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ very satisfied about the quality.. It’s pleasure to deal with you.. Fast shipping. No any damage or error.. Everything is fine.. Highly recommend & Thank you very much supplier!!! (From- “Aliexpress Ordering In Sri Lanka” fb fan page) #DCm.s.

  70. 198

    by J***z

    Exactly as in description, cheap, comfortable. They arrived very quickly.

  71. 198

    by M***i


  72. 198

    by P***u

    Very long delivery

  73. 198

    by Customer

    In appearance, not bad, I do not know if there is any use from them, I did not check yet.

  74. 198

    by E***y

    Exactly as requested, the only thing is that I arrive at 91 days

  75. 198

    by Customer

    Nice, perfect,

  76. 198

    by L***a

    Excellent glasses, I take not the first time. The filter really works, only glass plastic is quickly scratched

  77. 198

    by A***s

    It’s okay.

  78. 198

    by K***n

    Order came, case pink case like men’s glasses, wearing glasses tried their eyes less tired carcases a little tight, see how long they will last.

  79. 198

    by A***v

    All OK

  80. 198

    by A***c

    Good product same as described

  81. 198

    by D***a

    Looks good but I Dont know, If is it working 😀

  82. 198

    by R***r

    Glasses chic! In the complete set a rag and a cover, look not cheap! With them there will always be sunny weather))))

  83. 198

    by J***s

    Excellent product, a little increase have, and I see a lot more sharp, I would buy again and they arrived in less than 20 days.

  84. 198

    by Customer

    For only 5$ With shipment, IT’S WORTH IT. Came with a plastic box and soft tissue. and it REALLY makes your eyes more comfortable

  85. 198

    by S***v

    Glasses made of good plastic of their money are worth.

  86. 198

    by Customer

    Son idénticos a la foto,muy lindos y me gusto mucho la calidad también.

  87. 198

    by A***n

    Nice quality

  88. 198

    by D***A

    The size is small, and so very cool glasses

  89. 198

    by V***v

    Excellent goods and super fast delivery-7-8 days to Moscow. I’ll try at work.

  90. 198

    by E***a

    Everything is wonderful (‘∀ ‘)

  91. 198

    by K***a

    Good material. Looks good.

  92. 198

    by P***z

    I am very happy with the order, I send it quite quickly and it also arrives quickly. I did not expect the case for the glasses

  93. 198

    by S***n

    The quality is excellent. Plastic is dense, thick. But on my healthy face narrow

  94. 198

    by A***v

    Pleasantly surprised by the quality for such money and packaging-plastic cover and cloth for wiping!

  95. 198

    by C***a


  96. 198

    by S***r

    Good. But the glass is very slightly blue, it’s not transparent as normal glasses. It’s just getting used to that.

  97. 198

    by O***o

    I ordered my husband, because he had work all day at the computer. Says while they are unusual, all day of course he can not sit in them. Let’s see, maybe in the summer, the sun will come in handy.

  98. 198

    by S***y

    super ok

  99. 198

    by E***o

    Excellent, with generous packing and box. They look solid and arrived on time

  100. 198

    by F***f

    For such money, it’s just a godsend! Very dense, the mount to the arches looks reliable

  101. 198

    by D***v

    100% satisfied with the order. Super points for such a penny.

  102. 198

    by R***r

    3rd time I order, all supper

  103. 198

    by R***r

    Product arrived fast and well packed, great store recommend

  104. 198

    by S***n

    Glasses are not bad, when it’s cloudy at all to fire in them. In sunny weather is not very. Of the minuses-not a very large size, you can see the arches of peregerical vision, but you get used to it.

  105. 198

    by A***z

    Quality is good, came quickly. But with motion scratch on the lens

  106. 198

    by N***f

    Size is small

  107. 198

    by Y***h

    OK, but found a small frame

  108. 198

    by M***i


  109. 198

    by Customer

    Came really really late but they’re great

  110. 198

    by M***v

    Everything is super

  111. 198

    by E***i

    Excellent Product!!

  112. 198

    by G***a

    Спасибо получил быстро, в комплекте чехол и тряпочка для протирания.

  113. 198

    by Customer

    Very good item, excellent Seller, highly recommended, A+++++

  114. 198

    by Customer

    The frame of the glasses is good

  115. 198

    by J***a

    Fast shipping Pro Brasil when arrive in Brazil went 37 days to arrive in my home.

  116. 198

    by A***z


  117. 198

    by E***o

    Very pleased with this item, customer was satisfied and happy to receive it in a timely manner despite COVID19 delaying most others!

  118. 198

    by L***a

    Recommend. Quality glasses.

  119. 198

    by R***c

    Best quality

  120. 198

    by E***n

    I liked the glasses, took for work at the computer. Satisfied with the purchase, the quality is proportional to the cost.

  121. 198

    by Customer

    Good glasses, I like that they are matte. Eyes really get less tired.

  122. 198

    by Customer

    Great item…love these glasses.

  123. 198

    by J***a


  124. 198

    by C***s

    Super cute exactly the image and very good quality

  125. 198

    by J***z


  126. 198

    by B***p

    good quality arrived perfectly

  127. 198

    by Z***f

    As described. No damage and good packaging.

  128. 198

    by C***k

    came gud time without any damage and it’s as it look on the pic nice

  129. 198

    by Customer

    It came in good condition!

  130. 198

    by H***o

    The bluish reflection is distinguished in the same photo

  131. 198

    by Customer

    Designed for a narrow face

  132. 198

    by J***z

    Excelente calidad! Si buscan producto barato de buena caldiad aquí está la mejor opción, súper recomendados! 10/10

  133. 198

    by B***n

    My son love it. Arrived with protective box.

  134. 198

    by Customer

    It looks good and good quality. It comes with a case. Colombia in 21 days very good.

  135. 198

    by Customer


  136. 198

    by Customer


  137. 198

    by T***s

    Beautiful glasses, very comfortable, delivers what it promises, recommend.

  138. 198

    by A***v

    Yaxshi. 24-yanvarda buyurtma bergandim todat 11-martda keldi. <2en> 14 sm lengthwise, kallasi kattalarga torlik qilarkan

  139. 198

    by V***y

    Delivery in Kropotkin in 20 days. The glasses are great. In cloudy weather, like a day on a sunny day. Seller recommend.

  140. 198

    by A***n

    Очки хорошего качества, линзы – пластик, оправа в норме. дужки расходятся с небольшим усилием, но это и хорошо. Защищают от синего спектра или нет не знаю, но выглядят прилично. Лайк

  141. 198

    by B***r

    Glasses well received good finish fast delivery to see with the time to test

  142. 198

    by A***k

    Good quality, the price is low. Together with glasses there was a case and a napkin

  143. 198

    by N***r

    Otimo produto, chegou muito antes do tempo esperado.

  144. 198

    by S***v

    Product on 100% corresponds to the description, fast delivery, good quality goods, to buy I recommend. Satisfied with the services of this store.

  145. 198

    by C***r

    works well. I am happy about this products performance.

  146. 198

    by A***a

    The product never arrived, do not buy for the cheapest shipping, it is not appropriate

  147. 198

    by A***k

    хорошие очки функцию свою выполняют рекомендую доставка быстрая 16 дней

  148. 198

    by Customer

    very good item, excellent store, highly recommended, A+++++

  149. 198

    by M***f

    nice glasses

  150. 198

    by D***d

    Very comfortable and very good

  151. 198

    by E***o


  152. 198

    by B***s

    Very cute, using and recommend. Arrived very fast, confirmed on 05 and on 08 was already in Brazil.

  153. 198

    by U***u

    The goods arrived accordingly according to the description. Thanks store

  154. 198

    by Customer


  155. 198

    by C***o

    excelentes lentes lo recomiendo 100%calidad muy buena un gran alivio para los ojos.

  156. 198

    by Customer

    Points computer class and fully corresponds to the description. delivery to St. Petersburg in 18 days. i recommend.

  157. 198

    by R***r

    Glasses sit well and in them really eyes are easy to watch in the monitor! Happy! I’ll try to work in them for a long time and compare how much time I’m comfortable working in them!

  158. 198

    by 3***r

    Good glasses with a case and a scarf, came quickly

  159. 198

    by D***v

    the parcel arrived without any problems. I am satisfied. I recommend the product. 🙂

  160. 198

    by V***e


  161. 198

    by P***o

    They look very good quality, I’ll see during these days if it helps to rest your eyes

  162. 198

    by O***a

    Thank you! Excellent and quality glasses. Came with a cover made of plastic and a napkin.

  163. 198

    by V***e

    top !

  164. 198

    by Customer

    Good product. Came well packaged and arrived ahead of time.

  165. 198

    by D***y

    About the quality I will not talk, here and so everything is clear, for several hours I sat with them for a computer, I played varzon))), as for me, then the enemy because of the yellow light you notice worse than without them, it may have been worth taking transparent, but it seems better for me to buy peas more expensive and better, But I bought a cheap thing that would have a concept, it’s worth buying more expensive or not, that I would not then dust on the shelf, well, I really did not understand not understand

  166. 198

    by L***

    Fair price.

  167. 198

    by Customer

    Exelent quality super fast shipping use them for a while and they are good

  168. 198

    by Customer

    The biril is like the omschrijfing condition, thank you store.

  169. 198

    by A***r

    Glasses arrived in 2 months, but quality glasses for such prices

  170. 198

    by T***v

    True helps, I recommend

  171. 198

    by B***z


  172. 198

    by C***t

    Fast Shipping, Arrived in Perfect Condition! I recommend this store

  173. 198

    by N***a

    Ordered 20.02, received 05.04. Glasses are good, strong. I order not for the first time. Eyes in them really do not get tired.

  174. 198

    by D***v

    Well packed

  175. 198

    by Customer

    Great. It came in a protective case. I’m happy.

  176. 198

    by E***o

    gafas pesadas, de buena calidaddddd

  177. 198

    by S***j

    Exelent quality and well packed! Will order more!

  178. 198

    by V***a

    Thanks for the fast delivery. the glasses are good, eliminate glare, the perfume does not tighten, the nose is good.

  179. 198

    by M***z

    In appearance, so far, norms, I’ll add later. By the way, the delivery to Sakhalin is just under a month, pleasantly surprised.

  180. 198

    by N***a

    The glasses are good, came quick-2 weeks. I order the second time (myself and my daughter), they really do not get tired of eyes!

  181. 198

    by Z***z

    Glasses Super! I liked it very much. Delivery 20 days by new mail. Recommend!

  182. 198

    by J***z

    Excellent product comes to 100. I’ll give you a 10 the delivery soon enough.

  183. 198

    by H***u

    Product norms, I recommend it.

  184. 198

    by C***H

    Item received. Matches the description.

  185. 198

    by A***r

    Points are cool, I advise everyone))) the product corresponds to the description came very quickly to the city of Rostov.

  186. 198

    by C***a

    Good quality and fast shipping.

  187. 198

    by K***a

    Very cool!

  188. 198

    by A***o

    Excellent, average quality only need to test them

  189. 198

    by J***a

    Just like what I asked for, excellent!

  190. 198

    by Customer

    good quality and fast shipping! thank you!

  191. 198

    by A***n

    everything is great, thank you!

  192. 198

    by S***a

    Excellent frame, they are thick, have good vision, thank you.

  193. 198

    by M***o

    Am testing, looks fincionar well

  194. 198

    by D***k

    He arrived in a combined shipment in almost 2 weeks, so I don’t know how long it would take only the lenses, but very good, especially thinking they cost almost 3 dolare.

  195. 198

    by J***z

    Excellent, just like in the description

  196. 198

    by D***v

    I order glasses from this store a second time, the quality is good, I recommend

  197. 198

    by G***e

    Excellent product, very good material, ideal size. I loved it!

  198. 198

    by F***r

    Compliant and with plastic cases. They serve a little at the temples, not planned for big heads

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