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Clean your car interior in just a few minutes – anywhere, anytime!

Save your time and money with the Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner. Now you can clean your car interior as effectively as professional car cleaners but with less time and effort!



Deep All-Round Cleaning: This mini vacuum is equipped with different types of attachable accessories to help you thoroughly clean car interiors, sofas, drawers, stairs, and more:



These add-ons help collect dust, debris, bread crumbs, pet hair, and anything caught in tight spaces or crevices.



High-Power Motor: Equipped with a 120W power turbine motor that provides stable, powerful 4000PA cyclonic suction, get high performance in this handy tool.



With a washable HEPA filter and 600ML large-capacity dust cup, you will clean up well time and time again with great size and power.



Works Hard: Our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner uses 2 x 2200 mAh high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, delivering 20 minutes of use per charge.



The power indicator will alert you when the charge is getting low.



Lightweight and Compact: This must-have vacuum comes in two options – wired and wireless – for ergonomic use to meet your car-cleaning needs. Each model weighs less than 21oz for easy portability.



Package Includes:

1 x Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ready to ship in 3-5 business days


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181 Reviews For This Product

  1. 181

    by Т***у

    There are no excuses not to have a clean car now! This vacuum is quiet, so no loud vacuum all up in your ears, which is nice. It easily sucks up gravel, grass, dirt, debris. This is the first car vac I’ve had, so I have no comparisons, but I can say I wish I would have bought one of these sooner! I love it! Get ya one and don’t look back!

  2. 181

    by С***a

    Love the vacuum. A few things to consider it is super easy to clean and it gets in small spaces normal vacuums at car wash places do not. The suction is great. I just got it so I can’t speak on the battery life but it is rechargeable so it shouldn’t be a problem. Love the size and sleek look. Fits perfectly in my car tool bag.

  3. 181

    by T***y

    I love the idea of this little vacuum but it barely has enough power to get the beach sand in my SUV. Even hard plastic mats it has a tough time. Bummer because I love the size and being able to store with limited impact to space.

  4. 181

    by С***n

    For a car vacuum, it works fine. Not nearly as much power as my home vacuum, but its a lot more convenient, efficient and does what it needs to do.

  5. 181

    by S***h

    Great for quick clean up! Love the slim size compared to other hand vacs on market. Keep it on kitchen counter and use it often.

  6. 181

    by L***y

    The suction power of this vacuum fell short of expectations. Even at full power, the suction power felt lacking and was even unable to suck up hairs from the chair. It’s best for suctioning up dust bunnies and other small particles but not the greatest if you want a strong suction power. It is lightweight and portable which made it easy to use. It also took forever to charge the battery to full charge.

  7. 181

    by C***a

    This vacuum is excellent to keep tucked in the trunk of my SUV. It works pretty well, but will not get small particles, such as saw dust out of carpet. I would not recommend this for deep cleaning, but it’s perfect for light touch up cleaning or maintenance cleaning!

  8. 181

    by A***e

    Great little vacuum, perfect for the car, for quick and small vacuuming. I do wish it had some more power for its wattage/amperage — it’s weaker than I expected, but good enough and I expect should get the job done. I suppose I can’t expect it to have the power of a full-sized vac. I’d recommend it to others as long as their expectations are reasonable.

  9. 181

    by M***k

    Quality is good, gets the job done. Surprisingly love the light on this! Didn’t expect it to be a useful feature, but it actually is great when vacuuming in darker areas (like under dash where gas and brake pedals are). Nozzle attachment works great. Easy to empty when done. Love that it comes with bag, keeping everything secured and together in one place! Plenty of room in bag to add a few smaller items if you’d like. I tucked in a small swiffer duster for quick dash dusting).

    Only con for me: I found the extension hose to be a bit too flimsy to get in to the hard to reach spots.

  10. 181

    by D***l

    I’ve wanted a small vacuum for the espresso making corner of my kitchen because I’m always getting beans and grounds everywhere and this rad, bad boy is the perfect solution. Slender, almost wand like- it’s small and powerful, it’s the practical choice for small jobs in tight spaces. I no longer chase beans or fight espresso dust, just a push of the button and the little tornado does the rest.

  11. 181

    by A***a

    top quality, no drawbacks. clean all the dust and hairs in the car. and i have a lot of hair as my labrador constantly shedding))

  12. 181

    by W***m

    my dad like this car vacuum cleaner, bought for him as xmas gift!

  13. 181

    by B***y

    It does what it is meant to. I really only use it for cleaning up in my study so I don’t have to carry the large vacuum upstairs for minor spot cleaning. Good enough suction (when using the attached brush) to pull up a fair amount of dog fur from the sofa chair.

  14. 181

    by A***e

    Omg! I found this on products you didnt know you needed- but you definitely do need this!!! So ligh weight and does an amazing job. The battery was done and needed recharging after doing each car but totally worth it!!! Love it!!! And I think some people might be getting these as hoilday gifts!!!

  15. 181

    by R***t

    all as described. insanely satisfied with the quality of the vacuum. it cleans all the dust and bread crumps right away.

  16. 181

    by R***l

    I would love to LOVE this product the way others have shared their reviews but to me it needs more suction power. The small attachments that it came with is pretty cool coz you have a lot of options to choose from based on how and what you need it for. But again, the suction power isn’t strong enough. I would think this is good for quick clean up example if you have kids in the car that made a mess.

  17. 181

    by N***e

    car vacuum cleaner is worth its price. can recommend it to any car driver who wants to keep the car clean without hesitation

  18. 181

    by A***n

    I was highly skeptical that this product would be great.

    + The unit itself is very easy to clean.
    – The suction power declines greatly when the vacuum is not even a quarter of the way full.
    + It’s great for cleaning up sunflower seed shells, and other small wrappers.
    + The light on the vacuum is very helpful for seeing between seats and under them.

    Overall, buy it or at least something similar

  19. 181

    by T***s

    I’m really glad I managed to get car vacuum cleaner online with such a prompt delivery and on such a low price

  20. 181

    by H***y

    I have been looking for a hand vacuum for months but reviews on a lot of products were hit or miss. I decided to take a chance on this one because I liked how compact it was and so far so good! It has great suction power, easy to clean, decent battery life. I mainly use it for vacuuming up dirt and dust around the house in hard to reach places. Highly recommend!

  21. 181

    by K***y

    It does what it needs to do but could be much better. Suction is okay, nothing to rave about like some other reviews but it was enough to clean my car from dog hair, crumbs and dust pretty well. Wish it had a little more suction but seems like it has “just” enough to get the job done. I leave this in my car at all times just in case. There may be better options out there but I haven’t tried any others to make a better recommendation.

  22. 181

    by A***r

    This is doubtless one of the best, if not the finest deals of thiskind I have ever had the privilege to use. I have the impression it is a good deal. It was received in advance of what was it was predicted and saved me a lot of hassle, since I needed it at an early date. I was pleasantly enthusiastic with the customer service. I item itself, have not spotted any criteria toblame. wholly recommend.

  23. 181

    by O***a

    I wanted a vacuum that I could grab quickly and easily and spot clean multiple times a day a thick child’s play mat (used for my young dog) and this is absolutely perfect. – It has enough power to pick-up every particle, but without being “gagged” in pulling up the whole pad or getting corners caught in the open end – as with a standard vacuum. It’s quick and light and I feel like I’ve accomplished some satisfying cleaning even with a couple of minutes of use.

  24. 181

    by M***w

    Exactly what I was looking for to help me clean up the odd and end places in my home! Perfect for windowsills, crumbs, cabinets, staircase, desk, laundry room and more! Lightweight and easy to use….I wish the battery life was a bit longer, but it’s not terrible. recharges with usb cable. Decent suction for what I use it for. Easy to clean too. super affordable. With all that said I highly recommend this product-
    Would be great in a car as well.

  25. 181

    by J***a

    I got this early for a Christmas present and I was starting to worry over all the return it email I was receiving and the item was not even opened yet!!??? My wife was a little whinny about it at first till I demonstrated how it works and I like it even tho its her gift and after it demo-d it she was like oooh ah, and I’m like ok! But it is nice and I stated it’s not the 5hp shop vac your used to using and it is better if you have a weak battery to have the car running. I read all the reviews on all of these products and I feel this is a very nice machine that I will be stealing from her to clean my diesel suv with dual batteries that everyone drops extra cheese and french fries between the seats at the drive-in!!

  26. 181

    by M***a

    I am contented. This was a striking obtainment with a wonderfully superior quality for such a tiny little money paid. It’s totally what I was assuming it would be. I just received it a couple of hours ago and made use of it at once. As a result of the try-on, I am really thankful and would advise to anyone!

  27. 181

    by W***m

    The suction isn’t as strong as I’d hoped, but it gets the job done. It’s lightweight and easy to empty. No issues. I just wish it was a little more powerful.

  28. 181

    by A***a

    Good quality vacuum cleaner, exactly as described, recommend this store. This Vacuum is a godsend! For anyone with kids, dogs, or maybe a clumsy husband… this is for you!

  29. 181

    by M***w

    Very cool little vacuum. I bought it because I have a tiny bathroom and wrestling a broom or full size vacuum in there has gotten tiresome. This little thing picks up hair etc and Is great for picking up dust bunnies throughout the house In between vacuum jobs.

  30. 181

    by E***n

    This little vacuum is the bomb! I just got a new car with black interior, so as you might imagine, I can see every little speck of dirt etc. Using this car vacuum, every speck quickly is taken care of. The cord is long enough to reach every part of my SUV, and the attachments are all useful for different areas of the car interior and floorboards. The filter is easy to remove and is replaceable with the free filter provided. There’s also a little brush included to help dust any debris getting caught in the filter.

    You may also wash it by hand. The suction power of the vacuum is pretty strong and with the attachments, it makes the job even easier. I use the brush attachment to get my seats and areas with cat hair, and the hose type attachment for little cracks in the doors, console and between/under the seats. Using the vacuum without an attachment works well for my rubber floor mats as well as other areas. Finally, this vacuum, all the attachments, extra filter, filter brush and super long cord all fits neatly into the zippered canvas case. As a whole, this vacuum is something I love so much that I’ll be ordering a few more to give as Christmas gifts this year.

  31. 181

    by W***m

    Great unit! Smaller than I thought, but perfect for cleaning out our vehicles. We have a Dalmatian and she sheds really bad, but this thing is wonderful in getting all that out. The attachments are a bonus and extremely helpful when cleaning the hard to reach areas. I highly recommend.

  32. 181

    by E***h

    Does job.. pretty lightweight for quik use.. suction seemed pretty good .. all this after 1st usage.. really no disappointments.. plenty accessories plus multiple charging options.. best is cordless above all else..

  33. 181

    by C***s

    The length of the cord is not a problem as my car has 12 volt jacks in both the front and rear. It does a fantastic job in picking up big and small debris (lint, dust and hair) alike. Before getting this vacuum, I was considering a large one. After using the ThisWorkx vacuum, I was glad I didn’t. I saved some money. The attachment can get into the tiny areas a bigger vacuum can’t reach. Another big plus is that the noise level isn’t too loud. Cleaning is easy and the filter can be rinsed with water if needed. I am very happy with my new car vac!

  34. 181

    by F***a

    This is the best auto vacuum I have used. I have only had it a week but already it gets the things that other vacuums have not gotten for me. The fine dust, etc. that collects on the dash and console. This has an attachment that loosens it and then it sucks it away. It also gets the big stuff that other vacuums get, but I can haul out the house vacuum if I want that. The attachments here seem built and thought out for a car as does the design and shape of this machine.

  35. 181

    by H***y

    We used this vacuum on our cars a couple weeks after it arrived. For some background I haven’t thoroughly cleaned our car in quite some time and this vacuum did a great job on the interior! The suction is strong, very quick and easy to dump out the canister, and the cord reaches all throughout the vehicle. We are very pleased with this purchase. Thanks!

  36. 181

    by A***a

    I didn’t have high hopes but am pleasantly surprised. It isn’t full size, and doesn’t have industrial power. It won’t pick up every last tiny speck. But it gets the job done, and for the price, size, and fact that you don’t need to pay to use a car wash’s vacuums or use an extension cord with an outlet, makes it a fantastic buy, especially if you eat in the car or have kids.

  37. 181

    by L***m

    Great little vacuum! I have used it twice so far and I am not disappointed. I got a follow up email a few days ago from the seller, the p.p.s stated to turn on the engine when using the vacuum. I found that out earlier as I had the stereo on in my truck while vacuuming and noticed the sound degrade from my speakers, I started the engine and all was good again. I cracked the brush accessory by accident trying to fit it over the longer adapter, but it seems to still work fine. The carrying case is very nice and everything fits in it.

  38. 181

    by B***y

    Decided to buy this vacuum cleaner because we have a baby and we need to keep our surroundings clean. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery, packaging and the bag that it came with making it very convenient to carry around and keep at one place. The vacuum itself is powerful, easily cleaned out the sand from the car seats, as well as the other dirt form the floor mat. The chord is long, so you don’t have to worry about the back seats and trunk. Easy to clean, comes with an extension to get into narrow spots. We’re satisfied!

  39. 181

    by A***r

    I bought on sale, was delighted with the quality! EXCELLENT AUTO VACUUM!
    This is a terrific vacuum cleaner! Very easy to set up! This baby does the job!

    I drive for both ride-share companies and make it a point to keep my car spotless and this small but MIGHTY vacuum does the job! A clean car gets better tips!!!!

  40. 181

    by D***d

    I’m glad to have such a great stuff in my car. Yes, it is not a powerful as my vacuum cleaner in the house, however, it cleaned out all the garbage, which I accumulated over the past autumn and winter in the car.
    At the end of October my husband and I went to the ocean and as we tried to be neat – the sand was still in the car. Finally, I got rid of it!
    Now my beauty again is clean, as on the first day, when I bought her))))

  41. 181

    by T***s

    I don’t understand the reviews stating it’s lack of suction. Yes, it’s not super powerful but it works! I don’t know what people expect from a small car vacuum but it works great to pick up dirt and crumbs in a pinch. The accessories are useful and the extra filter is clutch.

  42. 181

    by M***k

    Thank You so much for this product. Good quality and good price. I recommend this Store 🙂
    This thing is awesome! I only a 2018 Dodge Durango that sadly does not have leather seats. I own three dogs and it is just a nightmare pulling out my extension cord to vacuum my truck. I can now just plug this little guy into my 12v car outlet and I’m good to go! The power in this vacuum is as good as it’s going to get for a car vacuum so if you want extreme suction – buy a shop vac. Also the attachments are fantastic.

  43. 181

    by T***y

    Very good small hoover – suction strength is 7/10 and has two settings which is good. I charged it over night and it does the job. I’d certainly recommend

  44. 181

    by V***s

    Went 2 months, the vacuum cleaner is executed qualitatively! 2 Speed modes, for fine debris (dust, sand), salon of the car after the dog vacuum cleaner the most it! recommend!

  45. 181

    by M***a

    Leave fast. Two speeds. During charging, it does not vacuum.

  46. 181

    by M***i


  47. 181

    by F***d

    It seems to me earlier a lot, arrived not even 5 days not yet tested because no load to see ..

  48. 181

    by L***d

    Fast delivery, corresponds to the article, but lack of power damage.

  49. 181

    by A***o

    Received in two days, all perfect

  50. 181

    by S***e

    The shop sent the vacuum cleaner super quickly… at first glance the product corresponds exactly to the pictures offered by the store! I will add another opinion after trying it.

  51. 181

    by O***a

    The vacuum cleaner was delivered quickly, less than a week, the courier brought straight to the house. Charged for 3 hours, works at 2 speeds, crumbs and sand removes, for which it was bought. I was pleased. We’ll try to vacuum the car the other day.

  52. 181

    by M***i

    Mini vacuum cleaner to Volgograd reached 4 days! All Whole, crumbs and fine debris sucks well, hair and wool from the sofa with difficulty. Two speed modes, if the second time when on, press the start button, will suck more powerful.

  53. 181

    by S***v

    Good vacuum cleaner but weak

  54. 181

    by A***k

    The parcel was 62 days. Not very nice. The vacuum cleaner itself is not bad. Suction average. For sand and crumbs, what you need.

  55. 181

    by F***l

    Perfect for crumbs.

  56. 181

    by M***v

    The goods are good, but very long delivery mist Express, strongly spoiled the impression of the purchase ((

  57. 181

    by V***v

    Normal, sucks not bad

  58. 181

    by M***v

    Like everything works. Shipping fast.

  59. 181

    by O***A

    I like it very much! Purchase is happy! Works good!!! I will advise all friends this vacuum cleaner!!!

  60. 181

    by A***o

    Fast delivery, to Khabarovsk 7 days, all is well, the box is whole. Original charging 3 hours. The battery was completely discharged, the suction is satisfactory, two power modes.

  61. 181

    by Customer

    The store sent it very quickly, and it took little to get to Spain, I ‘ve loaded it and it works, bring 2 different cleaning utensils to use the q you’re interested in, it makes quite noise although it is normal in this type of vacuum cleaners, absorption is not a pass either

  62. 181

    by F***r

    Delivery in 4 days stylish and powerful vacuum cleaner Satisfied with the product

  63. 181

    by J***k

    fast and good

  64. 181

    by J***K

    Tea from going with

  65. 181

    by W***a

    I LOVE IT!

  66. 181

    by J***b

    All as in the picture, looks and feels very cool and nice! Even futuristic! Very satisfied with the acquisition, sucks normally. Cats vacuum the most it!

  67. 181

    by S***v

    Fast shipping by cdek carrier. Time is promised. When working is not heated, 120 watts in it, of course, there is no smartphone redmy 4x can keep in the car. Before the blue indication is charged for a long time. How long can be seen in the photo. On the U2 tester, you can see the time and the packed capacity of the second charge. The vacuum cleaner worked about 10 minutes on a charge that was on delivery. As charged for the first time can be seen on another tester. To clean your desktop, keyboard, systems can be taken, for cars probably weak. I recommend the store, the vacuum cleaner for easy short cleaning too.

  68. 181

    by L***u

    Came quite fast. Packaged well. Everything works. Gets the job done. I highly recommend. Worth the money.

  69. 181

    by A***y

    Work does as it should. Convenient to use. Slightly slightly a spout would be more authentic, and then slightly between the seats does not get

  70. 181

    by H***a

    The item is the same as in the store’s photos, looks good and looks strong. I’ll prove it and later I’ll put it as it goes

  71. 181

    by P***p


  72. 181

    by F***r

    Very practical and compact auto vacuum cleaner Power 2 speeds sufficient. A little noisy Handheld easy to use as soon as needed. Nice aesthetics.

  73. 181

    by E***a

    I delay about 20 days, I arrive in good condition could be more powerful but not bad

  74. 181

    by A***s

    Excellent like a strong picture with two speeds I recommend buying from the store

  75. 181

    by Customer

    Brought the SDEC quickly. To Mo in 5 days. The box is not accepted, but the vacuum cleaner itself was discharged in zero. I had to charge it, charging lasted 5 hours. I liked the vacuum cleaner, two modes suck normally. I had many different vacuum cleaners, but I liked this one. I’ll hope it works for a long time.

  76. 181

    by D***o

    For such money Super unit, delivery 43 days mist Express

  77. 181

    by Customer

    This item came mad stupid fast, it gets the job done atleast… I’m impressed

  78. 181

    by D***r

    Super small powerful sucker. I have already two of it… In RV by the USB charge good to use…

  79. 181

    by M***v

    Shipping fast. Sucks as they wrote not super, but for such sizes it is clear

  80. 181

    by V***o

    Fast delivery, which is greatly appreciated. Good quality and price. Recommended.

  81. 181

    by L***a

    Fast delivery, first try at the top.

  82. 181

    by K***i

    Super, puissant,

  83. 181

    by R***s

    The goods received after incomplete 2 months, everything works.

  84. 181

    by B***n

    Perfect Fast Delivery Thank you

  85. 181

    by A***l

    O top

  86. 181

    by G***u

    Arrived a little late but arrived well. Super well the product and in addition it has two levels of power (nice surprise), you have to press the button twice. Enough power.

  87. 181

    by T***o

    la aspiradora tiene potencia suficiente para aspirar un coche y el cable es largo como para abarcar todo el interior del vehículo sin problema

  88. 181

    by Z***a

    comme décrit pas encore essayer

  89. 181

    by M***o

    tutto ok

  90. 181

    by W***a


  91. 181

    by D***r

    Finally, I received the goods. Delivery lasted about 60 days because of the pandemic. The goods are good, they perform their functions.

  92. 181

    by A***i

    Very solid workmanship case, very good workmanship, all good spasowane, two options choose power. Power retracting really good. Goods received after a few days

  93. 181

    by A***i

    Two modes, first only dust collect. The second, turbo mode is quite nothing. The parcel went more than three months, but the store honestly followed and extended the period of protection of the order. Wife happy

  94. 181

    by A***s

    Seller at the top received in time not yet tested

  95. 181

    by T***m

    Works and sucks good

  96. 181

    by M***v

    Its function performs

  97. 181

    by A***v

    The vacuum cleaner came quickly, delivered directly to the door. Charged, checked-while it works. Sucks not very much, but vacuum the furniture is quite enough. I’m happy with the purchase.

  98. 181

    by A***s

    It came within a month! Everything works great. For small dirt, that’s it!

  99. 181

    by I***j

    To do with time. We feel that there are two levels of power. To see if it will be enough

  100. 181

    by T***T

    Parcel received on time. I’m waiting to test the device to see if it works

  101. 181

    by P***e

    Very nice product and perfect for cleaning car, sofa and other house hold stuff which catch dust. Simple, powerful and easy to use. Loved it !!!

  102. 181

    by Customer

    It does its function, comfortable and weighs very little. I liked it very much.

  103. 181

    by K***v

    Noisy and does not tighten so much, but will go for small things to suck

  104. 181

    by C***o

    Very fast. Excellent

  105. 181

    by D***n

    Normal vacuum cleaner, it seems to work. Thank you store.

  106. 181

    by P***a

    Product same as description

  107. 181

    by Customer


  108. 181

    by Customer


  109. 181

    by R***r

    I ‘ve tried it a little above and it works well and meets your schoolboy.

  110. 181

    by J***n

    All good.

  111. 181

    by Customer

    Washable Rayo

  112. 181

    by D***E

    Good sound absorption wholesale Samsonite is more bigger

  113. 181

    by K***i

    bardzo dobry produkt, jestem bardzo zadowolony

  114. 181

    by A***i

    Works great

  115. 181

    by Y***z

    It lacks some power, but otherwise very well

  116. 181

    by S***s

    I ordered fast delivery from Russia, the store processed the order and somehow lucky it from China, the box was crumpled, but it’s not critical, the product works well.

  117. 181

    by T***a

    Received quite quickly Not bad for crumbs but not for a complete cleaning

  118. 181

    by C***i

    Great little vacuum cleaner. I got the wireless one and it works perfectly. Very happy for the purchase. The design is also very nice and elegant. When fully charged it has enough suction power.

  119. 181

    by S***a

    All right, I went 1 month to Latvia.

  120. 181

    by N***r


  121. 181

    by E***n


  122. 181

    by S***s

    I did not receive the parcel because of a delivery problem, but I was refunded super

  123. 181

    by D***n


  124. 181

    by M***a

    Not very powerful but it does the job. Convenient to use and easy to clean. Size is small and stylish.

  125. 181

    by A***

    Great quality. Works perfect

  126. 181

    by Customer

    Shipping amazing

  127. 181

    by A***o

    Already tested. It´s OK.

  128. 181

    by A***r

    Tested just yet, but looks very strong by size (to be portable and wireless). Then come back to do a more complete. Received in 12 days after purchase and not taxed nothing, neither the 15 real Post Office.

  129. 181

    by K***r

    Friends also vary by Den ordered the figured satisfy oh

  130. 181

    by A***r

    As in the description it is comfortable in suction dirt

  131. 181

    by A***z

    Super fast shipping, great quality, excellent, serious and responsible store, I recommend

  132. 181

    by V***r

    Vacuum cleaner received 62 after In the shower. The vacuum cleaner checked works but there is no particularly powerful in it, so the husk from the seeds and crumbs from the biscuits to collect. All successful orders and their receipt.

  133. 181

    by R***


  134. 181

    by 8***r

    Удобно ложится в руку. Хорошая эргономика. Спасибо

  135. 181

    by A***v

    Quickly, completeness is OK, works.

  136. 181

    by H***k

    Wired model you owe wireless router power bank seems a bit weak four key Volume is smaller, so hard to keep comfortable. Charging cable is USB B type’s charge some shamrock key

  137. 181

    by A***s


  138. 181

    by A***S

    Impeccable corresponds well to the description good reception

  139. 181

    by F***f

    funciona perfeitamente

  140. 181

    by S***h


  141. 181

    by M***y


  142. 181

    by O***i

    Very good product.

  143. 181

    by M***d

    Item received as mentioned. Tryout and its powerful enough and useful to have in car. Will probably buy another 1 for home use. Worth buying.

  144. 181

    by C***c

    Shipping in 3 days, exactly requested.

  145. 181

    by A***t

    I tried it from the reception. Works very well, suck the gravel well. Comes with two accessories a nozzle a brush that facilitates access to the corner.

  146. 181

    by P***a

    Хороший пылесос, пока не проверяла. Позже дополню отзыв. Сдэк доставка примерно за неделю до Красноярска. Курьер позвонит и доставит в удобный для вас срок.

  147. 181

    by Customer

    Its all ok, as the description.

  148. 181

    by H***m

    I’m satisfied.

  149. 181

    by M***a

    Excellent pylisos, I’m delighted!

  150. 181

    by K***r

    Working noise but Okey

  151. 181

    by K***a


  152. 181

    by M***r

    Great product fast delivery. I’m very happy with it I think I’m gonna order two more

  153. 181

    by D***d

    Very neat and quickly in House

  154. 181

    by R***a

    Arrived in perfect condition looks great quality all is working right now will test.

  155. 181

    by Customer

    Очень быстрая доставка.

  156. 181

    by Customer

    Works fine, packed was in a regular bag with Scotch, it’s lucky that drove whole

  157. 181

    by M***a

    Looks cool! In action did not try more)

  158. 181

    by R***r

    Good Goods, fast delivery.

  159. 181

    by N***a

    Super, powerful sucks well and very fast delivered top

  160. 181

    by N***a

    I like thank you very much

  161. 181

    by I***N

    Пришёл в принципе быстро, в офисе СДЭК лежал 3 дня не понятно почему. А так давольно таки мощный, для машины самое то, засасывает отлично, 2 скорости. Пришёл почти разряжений, на пару минут работы хватило. В целом очень доволен, рекомендую!

  162. 181

    by K***v

    Cool. Fast. Got a courier. Recommend. 15 minutes. For once enough

  163. 181

    by E***o

    The vacuum cleaner performs its function, well sucks most of the car dirt, unless it is embedded in the plush that needs to be rubbed a little the rest, I tested it in the car with saw lint, wood scraps, Debris of dirt from car seats and hollow recesses. I haven’t tried it on liquids yet so I don’t know if it worked. Is it Loud?, if a bit but like all this kind of autonomous devices. The hard Battery described and charging is a little slow, but once charging do keeps power linear to the end, about 20 minutes. It brings two accessories (one with a brush to embed dirt and one that is typical extended type to reach hidden sites and is charged with Type-C USB cable. The only catch is that fixing both accessories is a little bad, it is 80%, so you have to place/fix them during use as they tend to get out of their location. Recommended 8,5 / 10

  164. 181

    by Customer


  165. 181

    by Customer

    Very fast shipping, almost 2 weeks, highly recommended 100%, thanks.

  166. 181

    by M***a

    Arrived really fast !! (In 10 days) and it was really important becauseit a gift that I need until tomorrow, so thank you store, I’ll absolutely will buy from you again ❤

  167. 181

    by B***v

    Work a lot of good

  168. 181

    by Customer

    Good to see in time

  169. 181

    by M***v

    Very Quick. Good quality.

  170. 181

    by A***v

    Well, like everything is cevially, from “time will show” you will not go anywhere anyway))) looks really rich and in the hand it sits pleasantly, but the plastic plastic is

  171. 181

    by U***y

    Corresponds to what he represented. Crumbs from the table will go clean. For the machine also can use, only not big quantity

  172. 181

    by N***a

    Delivery 5 days and it works well for now

  173. 181

    by G***s

    a little bit loud. but good for car cleaning.

  174. 181

    by P***v

    Bought a vacuum cleaner with a battery charge from USB, the courier arrived after 4 days or 3 days I do not remember, everything was delivered well thanks, I turned on the vacuum cleaner worked a little sucked pot from under the flower collected from there the remains of the Earth collected kind of good, Discharged showed the charge red put on the charge now 2:00 as it charges on the charge does not turn on check out anything else until I can wait for a full charge, if I complement the the review

  175. 181

    by Customer

    Good arrived within 4 days to the Netherlands

  176. 181

    by C***r

    Very good tool, I ‘d love for you to have more suction, but it serves super good. Use without cable

  177. 181

    by R***a

    Excellent team. Ideal for the house when something punctual is required. Good packing and very fast, to Chile arrived in 9 days. Great store.

  178. 181

    by P***e

    Already received

  179. 181

    by A***s

    waited almost 3 month! but for now – everything seems to be fine! we’ll see how it goes!

  180. 181

    by D***y

    Everything is super. There are 2 modes. Normal and Turbo.

  181. 181

    by J***a

    Very good articulate! I recommend it 100% meets expectations.

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