Invisible Height Increase Insoles

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Stand Taller with more Confidence!

Being taller is no longer a dream. Get that boost of height (and confidence) with these ingenious shoe insoles.



These slick height increase insoles instantly add 1 – 1.4 inches to your height without compromising comfort. It fits with most shoe styles, and its breathable design protects you from excess sweating, for all-day comfort.



Made from high-quality, soft silicone gel, these height boosters are specially designed with air holes to allow air ventilation for non-stuffy, breathable wear.



Rounded edges on the insoles provide protection from getting calluses and scabs. And thanks to the non-slippery design, you can walk and run without slipping or intense wear-and-tear.



Our insoles will last longer and withstand endless stretching and movement without being damaged or deformed thanks to expert craftsmanship.



Material: High-quality silicone

Height: 2.5cm / 1in

Sex: Unisex

Color: White

Ready to ship in 3-5 business days


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Additional information

Название бренда


Высота стельки

1 см-3 см

Ширина колодки

Средняя (B, M)

Тип товара


Номер модели

Height Increase Insoles


Для мужчин



Тип рисунка




Height Increase



Man And Woman


EVA,Silicone Gel

Feature 1

Height Increase

Feature 2


Feature 3




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58 Reviews For This Product

  1. 58

    by R***c

    Has it’s Pros and Cons.
    The Pros are:
    Slips on very easy
    Gives me the added height that I needed for my left leg
    Very comfortable to wear. I wore it around the house with my sock over it.
    Stays in place
    It took a few hours to get use to actually walking without a limp because my legs were now even.
    And the Cons:
    Even though it is not super tight on my foot it was just barely too tight and it caused my lower foot to swell up. It really does not feel tight at all when wearing it but that slightly snug fit made my foot swell.
    I will keep wearing it because it really does straighten me out and causes less pain in my hip and lower back.

  2. 58

    by M***l

    Excellent. makes solid shoes very comfortable

  3. 58

    by T***e

    Needed them for one event and they worked exactly as needed. The price was right and they fit in my shoes with no problem.

  4. 58

    by D***d

    Very comfy especially if you have heel issues like spurs. The cushioning is exceptional.

  5. 58

    by A***a

    This item is good for flat feet more than a bit more height. It increases less height than other more traditional products. I reduced the rating because is prone to cause athlete’s foot and odor if you sweat at work. Not breathable.
    A workaround for this is to wear socks first, then wear this product in top of socks, then add extra socks in top of this product. 4 socks in total. This trick also gives better support while walking.

  6. 58

    by M***e

    I use these actually for ankle support when I am on my Onewheel but they do make me look much taller I don’t mention I’m wearing these but people do you think I’m 6’5 so keep it DL

  7. 58

    by A***n

    Very comfortable can work out and jog with them

  8. 58

    by S***a

    These are super comfortable…and not only do they add a bit of height, but they also help posture.

  9. 58

    by A***e

    These insoles are simply great!! They’re super comfortable and have lasted me over 2 years now. They do move around a little as you take off your shoes but it’s never happened so much that it annoyed me. It only happens once in a while for me. Still deserve 5 stars from me. Buy them with confidence!

  10. 58

    by O***i

    These inserts are pretty basic but are very comfortable and feel natural after a few seconds. I used these in my tux shoes for my wedding as my wife wore tremendous heals to keep the height differential, and had no issues

  11. 58

    by J***r

    I brought this to help with my posture as apparently my right leg is shorter than my left! It works fine

  12. 58

    by G***i

    I’m 6″- 5″ and broke my right leg above the ankle, After two operations, my leg was about 3/4″ shorter then the left. These socks work out just fine and I can use both for my right foot.

  13. 58

    by F***k

    Not expensive. Durable, cleanable, comfortable. Instant height increase!

  14. 58

    by F***l

    I got the soles delivered smoothly. I appreciate it. These are cooler than expected!

  15. 58

    by O***o

    Okay these are pretty great. They are very comfortable and they make me about 3/4 of an inch taller!

  16. 58

    by M***z

    I ordered these for my wedding next month. I’m 6′ tall but my fiancee is 5’10” and she’ll be wearing heels, so I got these to wear in the wedding pictures. They’re very comfortable, very well made and they really do work!

  17. 58

    by R***r

    I wear lifts in my flat shoes not because I’m short, but because a bit of lift releases the tension on that tendon and calms my heel spurs. These work great. I’ve been wearing them everyday in my sneakers for 2 months.

  18. 58

    by F***d

    I have one leg too short by 1/2 inch from a motorcycle screw up —but bought this item and put on one foot …now i am very happy and is helping with back problems

  19. 58

    by J***o

    They lift you up as state and increase your height but more importantly they a like walking on clouds. Extremely comfortable. So much so I ordered two more pair.
    One person found this helpful

  20. 58

    by J***z

    Decently comfortable for a peice of plastic in silicone. Need shoes with a higher shaft to wear. No super low tops

  21. 58

    by M***a

    Just what I needed. My heel has to be high because of achilles tendonitis and I do not want to wear heels. These fit perfectly in my sneakers.

  22. 58

    by G***a

    I only wear one but it helped a lot with my gait. since my hips are slanted, this helped straighten them out a tad bit. They were comfortable for allotrope bit however if you wear them too long or they have bunched up they pinch, your heel feels bruised but I could just be a heavy walker.

  23. 58

    by I***a

    I’m 5’11.2⁄3″ in the morning and ~5’11” (± 0.2″) in the night. So I’m not exactly tall, but I’m not short either. However, coming to the US (back home I was taller than 80-90% of men, so almost always seen as tall), I noticed that the implication/implicit speech/underlying notion is that 6′ and above is tall, anything under is short. It’s like a hard line created when in reality it’s a spectrum.
    Somebody somewhere mentioned shoe lifts and I have no background on what those are or may look like and then I googled it, viewed some images, saw one similar to this product, found it not too expensive, and thought “Hey! I can see what’s so special about being 6′ wearing this! Why not!?”. So I bought the smallest one there is (1 inch), used it for one day, and:

    It’s so awkward walking on it, it reminds me of when I was a little kid walking in my mom’s heels. But I’m sure that with practice, my gait would look more natural!
    Also, I have palmoplantar hyperhydrosis and so having this on makes it sooo slippery (my palms literally just started sweating right now remembering and writing about this!), and therefore that may be the reason why it painful to the heel.
    Speaking of pain/comfort, don’t wear this with lower/tighter shoes as I did, it’s gonna hurt your instep, especially if you’ve got a larger instep.
    In addition, I don’t feel like my height looks any different at all with this on although I do know for sure that it must’ve increased my height by at least 0.75″, but it doesn’t look like it at all (So I guess I can pass for a 6′ man hahaha?)!
    As for the way this thing looks with socks on, it looks natural with higher arches, but probably not so with flat feet, so it depends on you, though keep in mind that I bought the smallest size there was, I’m sure it wouldn’t look natural at all if I’d went a size or two up.

    Overall, a very interesting experiment. Was it worth buying? For experimentation’s sake, yes. But am I going to be using this (again/a second time)? I don’t think so.

  24. 58

    by L***r

    I have been using it for more than two weeks and I can feel the difference clearly. It’s soft and adds some inches to my height instantly!

  25. 58

    by J***a

    They are awesome, provide lots of support for my back and my pronation issues. I’ve used this in both athletic shoes and dress shoes!

  26. 58

    by C***r

    These are pretty amazing. The cup-fit of the heel kept my foot in place and the arch support fit in my natural rise

  27. 58

    by T***v

    buying for the third time, love the way they make me appear taller and so comfortable plus invisible, I have used mine time and time again and only now they are showing a bit of wear and tear. good value for money! recommend you try these!

  28. 58

    by G***o

    It really works. There is an immediate elevation when I wear these insoles ( i would rather call them socks). It is soft and provides nice amortization, which is good if you have shoes with thin sole. Can absolutely recommend them.

  29. 58

    by U***r

    Used for my kid who needed half an inch to ensure he could go on a ride. And yes, he was safe and tall enough already, but since he was the exact right minimum height, I didn’t want to deal with the nitpicking at the ride entrance. The insole seemed comfortable for a lot of walking, but we only used it for the largest ride that he was tall enough for without them. He was very pleased with his heigh increased and was asking to keep the socks for the entire day. I let him wear these cushions from time to time on special occasions, don’t see andy inconvenience for him.

  30. 58

    by N***z

    The product did what it needed to do which was to raise my heal as recommended by my orthopeadic practitioner for an achilles tendon condition. It was comfortable and provided relief from the discomfort of walking.

  31. 58

    by F***o

    These are quite nice. They are easy to get on, although at first look, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do so, but they are very pliable and are not too tight around your ankle area, so can probably be worn all day (I have not tried that).

  32. 58

    by H***d

    The heel socks are great, it is a bit sticky, (yes, as others have noted here) — but a bit of powder can help this issue. This is an excellent set otherwise, very supportive of one’s feet when worn. I don’t feel any discomfort even if I wear it for a full day.

  33. 58

    by D***k

    Bought these for my son who had a pair of shoes that were a little large in the heel area, and he also wanted to try those height incremental insoles. We tried the stick on fillers, but these heel protectors actually worked better for him. They worked perfectly for that purpose.

  34. 58

    by R***a

    These gel insoles was unbelievable. At first, I thought the item was not going to fit my foot but this gel really stretches and fits comfortably. I bought this to have a bit of extra height for special occasions, and so far it worked well. I usually wear them with flats or sport shoes, and my feet do not get any tired or uncomfortable. Easy to wash, which is very important to me, I have high hygiene standards!

  35. 58

    by D***l

    Was very surprised by these cushions-socks. I read a couple of reviews about them being tight, not sure what they’re talking about cuz these stretch enough to where u can put both feet in 1! They are soft and not tight at all. The other thing I liked was the holes in the heel area, it really adds ventilation which is super important if you don’t want your feet to sweat like crazy!

  36. 58

    by M***l

    I wanted to get a few extra inches of heigh when going back to my hometown after a few years. And these heel cushions were lifesavers. I wore them for several weeks and never had any skin irritation. They gave me pretty good cushioning, although at the beginning I was a bit worried if it’s possible to wear them a full day, especially if I’m out with friends moving from one place to the other. It did give me a boost of confidence, especially when meeting my old crash))

  37. 58

    by R***r

    It takes a little longer than the estimated time but taking that away is just what I expected, excellent product

  38. 58

    by L***

    Perfect, I love it, I use it daily, it’s perfect size, effective, he does his job, so far it works very well, he’s been with me for a month and I still like him, my friends want to buy some just like these, I hope in time to buy more of these.

  39. 58

    by D***o

    I love it

  40. 58

    by A***a

    Very good is delayed only a month

  41. 58

    by S***r

    great product

  42. 58

    by N***z

    Everything OK

  43. 58

    by Customer


  44. 58

    by Customer


  45. 58

    by D***v

    Well, what can I say, due to my limited growth, namely, 170 cm, the thing really became indispensable. By the way I took 2,5 cm and so realized that this is the most optimal option, because 3,5 is too big. Summing up the results, people with a low growth of 100% need these insoles))

  46. 58

    by F***z

    Excellent! Very good product. Be very happy with him. Just need to try more days and see how it goes. I delay more than expected to Chile, but I imagine it’s because of the Covid issue.

  47. 58

    by Customer


  48. 58

    by A***m


  49. 58

    by P***s

    They look fine. They have this little piece inside quite hard and heavy.

  50. 58

    by Customer

    I tried this product. Great

  51. 58

    by F***o

    All right, thank you.

  52. 58

    by Customer

    Very good product and fast shipping

  53. 58

    by D***h

    great, I love them

  54. 58

    by C***k

    Delivered to Paris in 15 days, good. It’s actually quite heavy, but pleasantly squishy

  55. 58

    by G***e

    Working wel

  56. 58

    by A***N

    The goods have not been delivered but returned the money

  57. 58

    by M***s

    nice product, quick delivery

  58. 58

    by M***o

    Order, sent Not immediately, because I hit the Chinese New Year. The order went a month to the Altai territory, tracked all the way. Insoles such as in the description, everything is good. I did not communicate with the store, there was no need. Recommend product

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