Kids Writing Tool

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Kids Writing Tool

Our Kids’ Writing Tool will help your baby or child learn, correct, and adjust their writing gesture and skills in a very instructive manner!

This easy add-on for pencils and pens is ideal for kids who are 3 to 12 years of age. Aid in the training of proper hand-writing skills and habits for children with this easy-to-use stationary accessory. Our ergonomic solution makes it easy for your kids to adjust their fingers for hand-writing by creating pinch-pinch positioning.

Non-toxic, scentless, and made of environmentally-friendly soft silicone material, your kids can use with ease and zero grip pain. The best part? This handy tool helps eliminate the time-consuming instruction process by parents so that kids can learn how to hold the pen independently.

Add our Kids’ Writing Tool to ordinary pencils, watercolor pens, and gel pens. Effectively eliminate the poor handwriting habit of crossing the thumb and forefinger from today for less writing mistakes, and proper writing form.



Package Includes:

1 x Blue Learning Writing Tool

1 x Orange Learning Writing Tool

1 x Green Learning Writing Tool


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Additional information

product type

Hold the pen


Silica gel


Mixed color


Children refer to the pen holder



Model Number

Double finger grip pen

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114 Reviews For This Product

  1. 114

    by R***l

    just perfect!

  2. 114

    by E***h

    can’t complain, is of top quality

  3. 114

    by G***e

    recieved today, it’s so nice! thank you so much

  4. 114

    by N***e

    These are fun and great for my LO to learn to grip a pencil correctly.

  5. 114

    by M***a

    Excellent store! fast shipping, great quality. Will order again 🙂

  6. 114

    by W***m

    My son uses these to hold pencil better. Its helped him a lot. I can actually read his writing.

  7. 114

    by D***l

    They are GREAT!!!!! My 4 year old grandson loves the product!

  8. 114

    by O***a

    I bought these for the preschool kids in my daycare. They work great & are cute!

  9. 114

    by S***n

    My kids loves to us it, there super cute and easy to us. I totally recommend this to anyone

  10. 114

    by K***n

    They arrived faster than the expected and well packed. Overall quality is good. I’m satisfied with my purchase and store work.

  11. 114

    by A***a

    Perfect for my 4 year old to correct his pen holding. His preschool teacher liked it so much she ordered some for the whole class.

  12. 114

    by R***l

    My 4yr old was having trouble holding his crayons and pencils. These grips have helped soooo much! Definitely recommend!

  13. 114

    by S*m

    This works well but doesn’t fit all pencils.

  14. 114

    by A***r

    Great for pre kindergarten. My daughter is able to find the best grip for herself with multiple grips to chose from.

  15. 114

    by N**k

    This product improves mobility issues with holding writing utensil correctly. Great for beginners and elderly.

  16. 114

    by C***s

    My son is 4 and has a hard time holding his pencils and crayons. This grippers work wonders and his writing has improved so much. So grateful I bought these.

  17. 114

    by A***a

    These are way cool my kids are always complaining about their fingers hurting from pressing on their writing utensils and these help alot. And it has a cute holding tin too.

  18. 114

    by C****a

    It works fine for my students. Yet, it is a little bit hard to put it on fine markers. My students use markers to practice writing instead of pencils. Other than that, it is perfect for young children. The price is reasonable. I recommend it.

  19. 114

    by M***k

    My kids have fine motor skills problem and they are having hard time holding the pencil correcly, now its easier for them to hold the pencil and learning to write letters is much fun now. This pencil grip is awesome!

  20. 114

    by J***a

    Thank you. My son writing was a mess. Even the teacher was having problem with him. Then I bought this. And in less than two hour he took it off and started writing the correct way. This is a most have for early years in school.

  21. 114

    by A***a

    I got this for my 3 year old daughter. She will be starting preschool soon and struggles to hold a pencil correctly. I showed her how to hold it correctly using these grips once and she has it down pat. Shes tracing letters so much better with using these grips. I highly recommend these for teaching your littles!

  22. 114

    by P*****p

    This was perfect for my three year old. It fits on regular size pens and pencils. With oil it can fit on the larger beginning pencils

  23. 114

    by R***t

    Of all of the grips I tried when I put my 5yr old on to “level 1” of these grips he liked it, said it was better than the other grips he tried that did not hold your fingers in place, and these actually worked. Very happy.

  24. 114

    by W***m

    We had a hard time teaching my son how to keep pencils correctly in his hand until we hered about this product from a friend. After only two weeks of using them he shows a great improvement in correct use of pencils.

  25. 114

    by J***s

    My son is three years old and I was teaching him to write and he would get frustrated when he would hold the pencil wrong and this defeated the whole issue. It is impossible for him to hold the pencil incorrectly and he is so proud of himself because his writing has improved tremendously and I love seeing him happy!

  26. 114

    by M****l

    I bought these for my daughter as it was recommended by her kindergarten teacher to get something like this to adjust her pencil grip. The issue I have with these is that they won’t fit on the thicker pencils that are typically used in kindergarten for smaller fingers. It will fit on a normal size pencil only.

  27. 114

    by M***n

    These are great for any kid! The ones with the loop to hold the finger in place are perfect to help kids develop a good tripod grip. Occupational Therapists that work with special needs kids could use these for writing help.

  28. 114

    by A***r

    My daughters hand wringing isn’t very good. I was told by a teacher friend of mine that this would help her. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this product but it is helping her. She will not write without using this product. She still needs to work on her handwriting but this product is helping her improve day by day.

  29. 114

    by A***r

    I couldn’t get my almost 5 year old to hold his pencil right, and I was having a hard time teaching him where to place his fingers. These worked out perfectly and are easy to use. Hopefully soon he won’t need to use these at all. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs to teach their child how to hold a pencil

  30. 114

    by H***n

    Bought this product for my 5 yr old. Perfect size for a child who is learning to write. Product did not slide when on pencil.

  31. 114

    by A****a

    Good value for the money. They’re durable and a bunch were included. They’re ambidextrous so that I (left handed) can teach my daughter (suspected right handed) how to hold a pencil and get her to practice doing it. The only thing I wish that the company would have done is make them in different sizes to fit crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. Otherwise, I’m happy with my purchase.

  32. 114

    by V*****n

    These are quite good in terms of helping position the fingers but the should have an indicator of top finger and bottom finger and be designed with a slight difference for both.

  33. 114

    by A***a

    Exactly what my three year old needed to learn how to grip his pencil. I COULD NOT get him to hold it well so that meant no writing at all. With these I have been able to teach him a letter a week! He loves learning to write now because he can actually do it.

  34. 114

    by K***y

    I bought these in hopes that we could work on the fine motor development of several students in my childcare center. I have tried others but they only had one type. I love that these have different options to be fit the student and what they need. Parents have even been asking where they can get them. Will definitely be buying these again!

  35. 114

    by W***m

    Great set of accessories. My daughter is autistic and struggles with holding pencils. This has helped with her tracing so much. I do wish one set was large for markers or the larger #2 pencils they use in kindergarten. Other than that, great item.

  36. 114

    by A***r

    Works well with my 3 year old. He figured it out pretty quick. It somehow works with any finger size as his tiny fingers fit, but mine can fit as well. Helps him hold the pencil correctly and really helped him follow lines and draw shapes better. It is really quite hard to get pens or pencils into it though, but I guess it helps keep them secure

  37. 114

    by M***e

    I was worried about how this would fit, but it fits my 10 yr olds hands perfectly and is slightly big on my 4 yr old’s hands. Great for kids with fine motor issues. My son has serious trouble holding utensils and pencils due to poor pincer grasp with ADHD. This solves his issues. I do have to check his middle finger bc he will wrap it around the top of the pencil over his index finger if I’m not watching.

  38. 114

    by O***r

    Some of my first-graders were having problems with pencil grip. They loved using these, and I was very pleased to see their grip improving. After they had used them for a while, I told my students they were allowed to stop using them, as long as they continued holding their pencils correctly. Some of the students liked them so well they didn’t want to stop using them! I’d definitely buy them again. They seem to hold up well and do the job.

  39. 114

    by D***k

    Great pencil grip to have in your bag of tricks. Be careful, you may find a similar pencil grip cheaper but they do not necessarily fit on a standard pencil. Some are slightly too large and slide down a pencil making them useless. These are great and fit a standard pencil! Highly recommend.

  40. 114

    by H***y

    My little one is turning 3 year old soon. He has been holding pens in a weird way (no matter how I correct him). I bought this to pencil grip to see if he will start holding pens correctly. It’s a bit tough to get him to use the grip at first, but after I put the grip on tightly he had no choice but using it. It made a great difference on how he holds his pens. Love it! Will definitely recommend it!

  41. 114

    by J***s

    I have had such difficulties trying to teach my youngest daughter to hold her implement. She is a lefty in a right-handed home. Since receiving these pencil grips, she can hold her implement properly 100% of the time and WITHOUT frustration for either of us. If you are having frustrations, give this a try. Highly recommended!

  42. 114

    by R****d

    These are great for kids that are trying to hold the pencil and it keeps slipping out of their hands. My kids love these and are also great for drawing for long periods of time. Very comfortable, flexible, non-slip, and soft. It definitely helps with keeping fingers in place for learning kids to write. This variety pack of different colors helps identify pencils for each kid. Definitely recommend.

  43. 114

    by S***a

    This product has been a lifesaver for my child’s handwriting ever since he’s been home due to the pandemic. He had a tendency to hold his forefinger higher up on the pencil. Even after our corrections it would find itself back up higher on the pencil. The pencil grips have trained his fingers to hold a pencil/pen more correctly, now even when we use one with out the grip!

    My son loved to use the grips, firstly because there was a blue one, his favorite color, and also because they were comfortable on his fingers and he wasn’t worried about how they felt. That allowed him to concentrate more on his handwriting. Highly recommend this product for anyone who’s child is learning to write or needs a trainer in holding the pencil correctly to neaten their handwriting.

  44. 114

    by T***r

    My 6-year-old has been battling the fisted pencil grip since he learned to pick up a writing utensil. It’s been his preferred grip for so long that he’s actually surprisingly dextrous with his wrist to the point that he can actually write legible letters and color inside the lines very well. BUT that’s not what we want forever!

    I’ve been experimenting with different pencils and grips for years- chunky pencils, triangle-shaped crayons, short and stubby markers and colored pencils, special triangle-shaped pencil grips, grips with indents and bumps on them to promote better finger posture- anything that forces him to use some type of pinch in his grip instead of holding it in his fist. Nothing has stuck. He loves these grips, though!

    I can’t say much for their durability, because once he’s got them in a pencil case at school at some point they may not last long, but for the price I’m totally cool with replacing these a few times a year. I haven’t once uttered the words, “Use your pencil pinch!” in days and it’s been blissful to do our summer workbook.

  45. 114

    by A***u

    Well, went in Samara as always not fast but the thing is good soft fingers do not hurt

  46. 114

    by J***e

    it is very accurate and thank you to the store for the gift also.

  47. 114

    by J***a

    Very cool

  48. 114

    by N***a

    The order is satisfied! Nice stuff. For how much will be convenient for the child, and whether they want to use-I do not know, let’s see. But the quality is good) I like it!

  49. 114

    by A***a

    They are a little bit bigger than expected, my 3 year old son is not able to use them properly. But it looks like the picture. So 5 stars on the review.

  50. 114

    by R***a


  51. 114

    by N***a

    Everything, as in the description. Delivery to St. Petersburg for a month and a half.

  52. 114

    by O***o

    Excellent simulators

  53. 114

    by I***a


  54. 114

    by *.

    Corresponds to the description. Soft.

  55. 114

    by R***c

    Interesting thing. Kids liked it. Hope will benefit

  56. 114

    by V***v

    Everything is fine, the child liked it.

  57. 114

    by Customer

    As in description

  58. 114

    by D***e


  59. 114

    by A***a

    10 days delivery. Excellent holders, very comfortable. I took for a child 4 years, I’m preparing for school, with these lokdauns I will have to prepare it myself. Fingers hold the pencil well. I recommend and the goods and the store

  60. 114

    by Customer

    Product as described, great quality.

  61. 114

    by E***e

    very good, thank you

  62. 114

    by C***S

    Very good product. Looks like the picture.

  63. 114

    by C***j

    They are of very good quality and I arrive in the estimated time

  64. 114

    by I***h

    A little crumpled

  65. 114

    by B***n


  66. 114

    by R***c


  67. 114

    by L***h

    Things are good. !!! My parcel was allegedly received for a month. She went to Latvia this month. It’s amazing that I came back and found the customer. The store on the messages is responsible (for which Thank you very much)

  68. 114

    by Customer

    Such a sweet package of assistive aids for writing. Lets see how my kids will like them in practice. Cute colors and the silicon/rubber feels soft and flexible.

  69. 114

    by T***s

    Product in level

  70. 114

    by K***u

    As described.

  71. 114

    by A***k


  72. 114

    by A***e

    the package came here in 24 days. my four year old loves it.

  73. 114

    by Customer

    Todo genial , muy cómodos a mi hija le encantan

  74. 114

    by S***a

    Everything came quickly.

  75. 114

    by R***a

    Recieve it today thank you

  76. 114

    by K***o

    Товар прибыл в РБ в течении двух недель. Качеством довольны. Продавцу спасибо за оперативность и качество работы.

  77. 114

    by D***v

    Normal and even convenient.

  78. 114

    by E***a

    Supeer. All the Agrees

  79. 114

    by M***n

    Packing was good and received in time. thanks

  80. 114

    by Z***a

    The product is good packaged, Shipped faster and as described, I recommend

  81. 114

    by Customer

    I’am very happy for this purchase.I recommend for kids this silicone pen holder.Good products.My kids love writing if they use this pen holder.Thank you so much!!!

  82. 114

    by V***v

    viskas ok

  83. 114

    by A***y

    Excellent and amazing product Recommend it

  84. 114

    by Customer

    Es igual a la descripción y cumple su función. Coger el lápiz bien me a sorprendido los que tienen forma de delfín para mí son más comodos

  85. 114

    by B***b

    Exactly as described and helpful

  86. 114

    by K***g

    exactly as described. the dolphins work better than the 2 fingers. overall good product.

  87. 114

    by A***u

    Very beautiful

  88. 114

    by S***V

    Good holders! And not expensive. Come quickly. I hope the child will learn how to hold pencils)))

  89. 114

    by D***d

    According to the product, good quality and very well wrapped

  90. 114

    by Customer

    tous est bien

  91. 114

    by G***e

    very good as advertised.

  92. 114

    by S***e

    ძალიან სწრაფად ჩამოვიდა და ხარისხიც კარგია. კიდევ გამოვიწერ ამ მაღაზიიდან. მადლობა

  93. 114

    by O***a

    The goods are satisfied. Thank you to the store for sending the goods quickly.

  94. 114

    by Y***a

    Очень удобное изобретение, ставит пальчики в нужную позицию. Доставка была быстрая, всё отлично.

  95. 114

    by Customer

    Everything ok.

  96. 114

    by O***o

    Not yet tried

  97. 114

    by R***r

    Ordered 17.01.2021. Received 21.03.2021 in ekb.

  98. 114

    by P***r

    The product has arrived okay. Reliable store.

  99. 114

    by O***a

    Всё Ок!

  100. 114

    by Z***A

    It all came out, thanks for the gifts. Seller recommend.

  101. 114

    by R***s

    Good item, equal to

  102. 114

    by M***a

    Thank you. Long time delivery

  103. 114

    by R***n

    Perfect, as jn the picture

  104. 114

    by H***n

    its of great quality large and thank u for the gift

  105. 114

    by V***n

    The parcel came to Ekaterinburg in one month. The material is soft, for children’s fingers is convenient. The child began to use the drawing with interest. Quality satisfied. I recomment the store!

  106. 114

    by D***v

    5 Gold Stars

  107. 114

    by S***a

    The parcel went less than a month. Cool thing, good to teach the child to hold the handle correctly

  108. 114

    by A***

    They haven’t tried it yet. The store also put a gift.

  109. 114

    by G***i

    The description fits.

  110. 114

    by R***n

    Very satisfied with the quality of the product. Recommend the products from this store

  111. 114

    by A***a

    All as in the description. delivery in the box. went 2 months

  112. 114

    by M***a

    Very useful, exactly as in the pictures

  113. 114

    by S***d

    لم استخدمه بعد ولكن جودته جميله

  114. 114

    by O***s

    Cool! Very nice

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