Multi-Purpose Hose Sprayer Nozzle

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Multi-Purpose Hose Sprayer Nozzle


This backyard and garden must-have helps with more than the plants or grass. Use it for:

✔️ At-home car washing

✔️ Household cleaning

✔️ Filling up a fountain or portable pool

Tackle all your watering jobs with this spray nozzle. With eight watering patterns and adjustable flow control that allows you to customize your water output for every task, it’s the must have for modern cleaning and plant/grass maintenance.

Made of durable solid metal with a baked enamel finish, this hose sprayer nozzle will last a lot longer than your average, ordinary plastic spray nozzle found at a store.

Our sprayer also features rubber insulation, so you can use it with both hot and cold water, all without worry of damage.



Size: 20.5 x 15 x 4.7 cm/8.07 x 5.9 x 1.85 1in

Weight: 235g

Water Flow Control: Adjustable





Package Includes:

1 x  Multi-Purpose Hose Sprayer Nozzle


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Additional information

Foam washing car

3 modes adjustable

Water flow control



21 X 15cm/8.27 X 5.91"








Garden Water Guns


Variable Spray Patterns

Model Number


Garden Water Gun Type


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73 Reviews For This Product

  1. 73

    by L***s

    Amazing quality water nozzle 🙂

  2. 73

    by S***y

    Wow! This sprayer is so cool!

  3. 73

    by G***e

    Comfortable and useful design

  4. 73

    by M***n

    Fast shipping! Decent quality.

  5. 73

    by F***e

    A very typical spray nozzle with an added connector – I didn’t notice that before I ordered, so surprisingly nice addition.

  6. 73

    by S***a

    Nice addition to my garden.

  7. 73

    by E***h

    The flow regulator doesn’t really do much. I would also have preferred that the “shower” setting be more focused, it is too wide for most of my small pots.

  8. 73

    by S***a

    Very comfortable grip, easy to hold, and very lightweight.

  9. 73

    by M***a

    Nice sprayer. Quite glad with the purchase

  10. 73

    by J***a

    Functionally, it works great, but don’t be dropping it on hard surfaces a lot. I would buy it again, knowing that it can’t be thrown to the ground.

  11. 73

    by M***y

    So far I like the hose and all its features. It’s even has dial to control how much water and how much soap to use, which is pretty awesome.

  12. 73

    by A***n

    Lightweight. Dispenser emptied at the same rate no matter how I set it. Comfortable locking grip. However, the water pressure is lower than I expected.

  13. 73

    by A***r

    It came around the estimated time what was okay. Quality of product fully matches the description. Thank you!

  14. 73

    by A***e

    For , discount isnt’t even necessary. The price is already more than fair for the quality provided

  15. 73

    by R***l

    This is of a different type from what we used to have. And we like it. Has good flow of water on all settings and is easy to handle.

  16. 73

    by T***m

    I really like this nozzle. The ergonomics of the handle and on/off is very easy and doesn’t “gum” up like the normal rod-pull ones. Thank you.

  17. 73

    by M***w

    We were excited to get a nozzle that had a slide option. It has a comfortable handle and is easy to slide. We added a bit of Vaseline to help with the water seal. So far so good.

  18. 73

    by H***y

    Much easier to hold on the grip. The thumb volume is great, you can adjust it slighty or high.

  19. 73

    by A***n

    I have just received this so I cannot rate the durability, but I love it. It is so easy to use and I appreciate not having to constantly squeeze a handle. This is my second one of this style. The other is on my backyard hose and still perfect after 3+ years.

  20. 73

    by K***n

    Washing your car at home, feeding that beautiful lawn your fertilizer, or just needing to give your water a flow rate of a strem to a fine mist, to a shower or a soaker then this nozzle is for you, and it is for me.

  21. 73

    by D***k

    This looks nice and works very well. I later found other options that look to be the very same sprayers for far less money, however, so shop and compare before you buy.

  22. 73

    by A***a

    I bought this hose nozzle to replace an old, leaky one and I couldn’t be happier. Not only was it a huge jump in quality from what I was using, but the thumb control spray design is much easier on the hands after a few minutes of spraying. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  23. 73

    by L***a

    I love that this nozzle has a sliding bar rather than a pull trigger. I have RA, so sometimes my grip isn’t that great and it the trigger nozzle hurts my hands. Also, this new one works better than my old nozzle, and it is a higher quality. I would give this more than 5 stars if I could.

  24. 73

    by O***a

    Two of our other nozzles self destructed at about the same time. I ordered these two replacements without my wife’s knowledge. When she found out they were metal, she expressed concern that they would be too hot to pick up after being out in the sun. We live in Arizona. We were delighted that this was not an issue and they work great!

  25. 73

    by K***n

    I got this nozzle to replace one I bought last year. So far so good. I like the up and down toggle instead of the ones that require you to depress a handle. I can’t speak to it’s durability since I just started using it, but it feels like a sturdier nozzle than the one I bought at a hardware store last summer.

  26. 73

    by T***s

    I like this sprayer. It’s not heavy duty, but it is well made and should last a long time if you’re reasonably gentle with it. Functionally it’s great. I have bigger sprayers, but for small jobs this is perfect. The additive container is easy to take off, fill, and reassemble. Attach it to a hose and you’re ready to go.

  27. 73

    by A***n

    Have only used this a few times now but it seems so much better than the standard cheap nozzles we usually buy and break easily. Kids throw them down on the grass and they either turn on as the handle was pushed or a small piece of plastic breaks off. This nozzle uses a different way to turn the water on and it’s great! I hope it lasts years to come.

  28. 73

    by M***e

    This hose nozzle does everything that it should. The spray patterns all work, and the handle is comfortable to hold. I prefer this style that turns on the water with the lever, rather than the pistol grip that you have to squeeze.

  29. 73

    by M***e

    I love this new handle for our outdoor garden hose. The one we had was very old and it was nearly impossible to turn off unless water was shut at the source. The thumb release on this makes it so easy to turn on and off and with the correct amount of pressure…lighter for my flowers, stronger for my large bushes. I ordered a second one for my front yard!

  30. 73

    by B***y

    It’s hard to rate this item so soon. It seems that every brand of water sprayer that I have purchased over the years ends up breaking or falling apart after the first few months of usage. So, to be fair, yes, so far I like the way this sprayer works. Definitely more comfortable than most to hold. But as far as durability, time will tell….

  31. 73

    by D***d

    Lightweight and easy to hold. Only thing I don’t care for is the position of the on/off lever. Awkward to me to have the thumb lever up for off. The lever being down for off makes for a more comfortable hold and control for me instead of having to reposition my hand or having to Involve a second hand. This sprayer replaces another one I have had for a while, so maybe I find the new one awkward due to the thumb lever being down for off on my old one

  32. 73

    by R***l

    Mine works great. I know other people had problems with the ‘shower’ feature and the on/off slider, but mine totally works. I have had nozzles in the past (different brands) that had both those problems, so I just assumed it was part of the nozzle-lottery. But so far (week one) no problems at all, all settings work great, slider works as it should, doesn’t leak, doesn’t need rubber rings, easy to install.

  33. 73

    by E***h

    I just received the nozzle and can’t speak to durability. I plan to use it for a second hose location at home. I like almost everything I find expect that its trigger operates opposite the one I’ve been using for years at the first hose location. On the new one, you pull the lever back to turn it on, forward to stop water. I’m used to it being the other way and it will require thinking to operate, especially having two operating differently. I can’t call this a fault, but now I wonder times I’ll be squiring things (and myself) unexpectedly.

  34. 73

    by A***e

    I used this to wash the exterior windows on my house, and it made the job quick and easy! Attached to a regular garden hose with no problem. I love that I can adjust the soap to water ratio. After cleaning the windows I used diluted bleach to wash moss and ick off of a painted concrete patio, then after a thorough rinsing I used it to spray vinegar/salt solution over all the cracks in my driveway to kill weeds.

    Tomorrow I’ll probably just add some regular dish soap and wash my car. Some reviews said they had issues with leaks, so I was expecting the seal to be only so-so but I had no issues whatsoever. Another cool feature is that when you pull the “trigger” it locks in the open position so your hand doesn’t cramp up when using this for extended periods of time. When you’re ready to close off the water flow you just pull the trigger and it releases smoothly.

  35. 73

    by F***s

    What I like: Matte black color (not shiny), good surface area to write on, lip on end of mat goes over desk edge to protect the edge. What I don’t like: slips when you use it so I had to improvise and put a non slip protector circles on back to help with slipping- but still slips a bit. Overall: I would buy again and recommend but wish it had an anti slip back and came in a larger/ depth for a large desk.

  36. 73

    by L***y

    The front edge of my built in desk was chipping quite badly. I recently repainted and wanted something to protect the edge going forward. This is working well for me as it has a lip that covers the top of the edge and is large enough to protect the top of the desk where I use a 17″ laptop. Happy with the purchase.

  37. 73

    by S****a

    It’s perfect for my Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. It protects the main work area of my desk while not interfering with my laptop/external monitor arrangement and other desktop items. The colors are even better than I had expected. the orange is more of a soft peach color, and the green is a silvery sage color. The pad arrived rolled with tissue paper in a sturdy box with an enclosed silica packet. Love this product!

  38. 73

    by H****n

    The desk pad came rolled up inside a tube, no surprise there. I simply lay it flat with a couple of books on top of the curled edges and it flattened after a day. It has never curled back up. The is also no noticeable smell. It easily wipes clean and I can write on top of it with normal pressure. Of course if you write hard on purpose, the piece of paper will pierce through. But come on, there is no need to write hard, period. Use some common sense, these desk pads give a little so pressed hard you will put a hole through the paper. So after 2 months I have no complains and am very happy with the purchase. I anticipate this desk pad will last me for years to come so I think got my money’s worth.

  39. 73

    by D***l

    This deskpad is the perfect size. It was the perfect thickness. I can write on a single piece of paper on top of this with no problem. The color is unique and looks luxurious. As an added bonus the other side is an attractive light brown/tan color and has more of a leather texture to it. The bronze side is more smooth. Both side are very useable so it’s a reversible pad. I really like this deskpad a lot. I also like that it came with a small leather-like strap to wrap the deskmat in a roll if you are gong to take it with you somewhere. That is a very nice touch to include. On a side note, the seller provides outstanding customer service. My order has a very small flaw in it and I contacted the seller about it because I feared it might get worse or cause it to peel. It was a small indentation that looked like a puncture that hadn’t gone all the way through the material. I contacted them on Monday. Wednesday the replacement showed up at my doorstep. The seller followed up with me via email to make sure I was happy. I wish everyone that sold items provided such great service.

  40. 73

    by E****n

    Let me start out by saying this– my desk is hideous.
    I’ve owned the same desk for a decade. It’s a white desk. I’ve used it since I was 12 years old. Back when I enjoyed painting. When I enjoyed carving soap cuz I thought it was cool. When I enjoyed drawing on my desk cuz I didn’t realize it wouldn’t come off.
    I have a drawing of a giant bird on my desk that says a nasty swear next to it. I can’t erase him. I’ve tried everything. He’s stained the desk forever.
    Now, comes in the mousepad. This mousepad is so beautiful. I got the pink one and I absolutely love it. It takes up almost half my desk and covers nearly every single horrible memory I have on the surface of white wood. It makes my desk look brand-new.
    Now for performance, it’s a mousepad. An honest to god mousepad. It’s not made of any cheap materials or anything, it’s fairly thick and stitched to be doublesided, not glued. It’s very high quality.
    For the price, this is one of the best things I’ve ordered.
    It’s a good mousepad! I really like it. It’s cute and matches my setup!!!

  41. 73

    by M****r

    We have four of these desk pads, two in our home offices, and two at our regular offices, and I am purchasing another for travel. The new laser mice work well, but some surfaces still have issues with proper tracking. NOT this pad, all the mice we use function perfectly, and this pad gives me ample space for keyboard, mouse and speaker use. It is easy to clean, and very durable. I highly recommend this product for anyone who uses a computer at home or work.

  42. 73

    by C****r

    It’s kind of like having a giant mouse pad, but I love this. It makes me feel like I have a nicer desk without actually upgrading the desk.

    It obviously doesnt cover my whole desk, but it’s big enough to cover my main work space. The keyboard doesnt slide around, and the mouse is very responsive (hence the giant mouse pad comparrison)

    I got mine in pink. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and it still looks brand new. Would absolutely buy again.

  43. 73

    by K****n

    I bought one of these for our facilities guy at work. Our desks are a very light gray, almost white color that wasn’t working well with grease stained hands from working on vehicles. The poor guy was constantly trying to scrub black handprints off of his desk. This mat looks professional and protects the desktop. As soon as I bought him one everyone in the office commented on how nice it looked and were very suprised on how inexpensive it was..

    It comes rolled but I didn’t have any issues with getting it to lay flat, which was very nice.. I fully expected to have to stack a bunch of copy paper all over it.

    Highly recommended, I plan to buy another for my desk.

  44. 73

    by B****n

    I am not usually one to like or mess with mouse pads, but my husband decided to hand make some desks and the wood isn’t completely smooth – so here we are. I ordered this because it was large enough to set all my items on (keyboard, mouse, etc), it’s a cute color that compliments my computer area – and you can sit drinks on it too. No complaints! We actually ordered a second one in blue for his desk.

  45. 73

    by N***a

    I love this thing way more than I thought I would! I purchased the pink one, and it is the perfect addition to my white/pink home office! It works perfectly as a mousepad, but I love that I now have a place to put hot/cold drinks without damaging the desk. I purchased the smallest size, which is absolutely large enough for the corner of my desk where I work. It came rolled up in a tube, but it unrolled flat, no curled edges whatsoever! Would definitely recommend!!!

  46. 73

    by G****r

    I wanted this pad to protect an antique desk I received from my father. I had been using a desk top calendar but it really didn’t work very well. It kep sliding all over the place. I saw these pads and thought I would give it a try. I am so pleased that I did. It is very high quality. Soft but not too thick. I accidently marked on it with an ink pad and thought I had ruined it but some non-acetate nail polish remover took off the ink and left no after effect to the rubber or the color. I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing another one for my office.

  47. 73

    by T***e

    This desk pad is wonderful. I have a 17 inch laptop and there is plenty of room on each side to set things down. Now I don’t need a mouse pad, which was always in the way, and this desk pad grips better. I can use my mouse, set my coffee down, along with anything else. I pulled the desk pad forward just a bit to protect the edge of my desk, which was getting worn by the edge of my hand holding the mouse. This desk pad is beautifully protecting my desk, looks fantastic, and I could not be more pleased with this product. Really high quality. I also bought one for my son’s desk!

  48. 73

    by A****a

    The pad came well packaged; it was rolled and placed in a cardboard tube, and that tube was then shipped in a box with th other items I ordered. The color in photos (pink and silver) was true to real life and absolutely lovely.

    It smelled slightly funny from being wrapped and with no air circulation for so long, but that went away quickly. I weighed down the corners of the desk pad for about 12 hours overnight and haven’t had any issues with it curling up since. I’ve tested traditional computer mice with wheels on, and laser mice. Both work well. The pad wipes clean easily if I happen to spill or get makeup on it.

  49. 73

    by V****m

    I love the colors of my Desk pad, and it is soft enough to support me doing schoolwork without my pen squishing right through the paper. The only complaint I have is the strap put around the rolled up pad is too small. I found it impossible to roll it up tight enough to attach the strap, and it makes sense why it was loose in the box and not already on. This is a very small complaint, as I will likely never need to move the pad from my desk and will likely lose the strap anyways. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

  50. 73

    by R****e

    Looks amazing, packaging was very professional, flattened out quickly even though it came rolled. Cleans easily by wiping down with a dry or damp cloth. I picked the orange color, and has a reverse color of light green. I would say this is a quality product to have if looking for a desk mat to add color, or to lay over a glasstop desk. I purchased because my Computer on the corner portion of the desk. I needed something that covered the meeting edges. My mouse had issues previously gliding, so this serves two purposes, covering the connected piece gap, and allows my mouse to move without a mouse pad.

  51. 73

    by K****e

    Since quarantine knocked me back to working at home (attorney), and we have a built in desk in the kitchen (we have A home office/music room but it’s not super conducive to my working since my husband also works at home), I use my laptop at home but I like to have the separate mouse and didn’t have a mouse pad.
    It has a little latch that snaps around it if you want to travel with it. It protects my surface and makes it look clean and coffee stains from my cup clean up nicely, too. It was a great boost for my “home office” and made the kitchen “desk” feel much more like a work space.

  52. 73

    by H****a

    As others have written, the first shock is that the Bronze color is actually quite glossy and bronze! Not really like the brown in the picture, so be forewarned. There are 2 sides to it, with one side being darker and the other this very shiny penny look.

    The mat comes curled up so it takes a few days for it to flatten out, there was not much smell either to air out. Cannot complain, and I bought 2 more for my inlaws as a gift so that they could cover another surface. Questions sent to seller were answered quite promptly. So far so good!

  53. 73

    by J****a

    Both times I purchased this it came undamaged. The pink is a little pinker than it looks in the photo, but it’s still really nice. It’s super easy to clean, and is very useful since I tend to get a little wild with my mouse and a normal mousepad is wayyy too small. Only regret is that I got both in pink. One pad sits on a normal plastic desk and is fine, however the other sits on a wood desk and it does slide a little – might put a couple wash cloths underneath to hold it in place. I would buy again as a gift.

  54. 73

    by N****e

    I like this. The large mouse pads over time fall apart and u spill on those and it’s an awef mess. This product is clean, sleek, pleasing to the eye. Thin and flexible but strong. Didnt take long to relax after opening after it came rolled up tight. Spills wipe right up. I thought it may look cheap or feel weak, I was sk wrong. I’m glad I went this route. I will purchase again.

  55. 73

    by V****e

    The color is perfect for me. I needed a soft pink color and this matches the picture perfectly. My picture it looks a little off I think because of lighting, but it is exactly what is advertised. It is a little on the thin side but I’m not bothered too much by it. I bought this to cover my desk top since I already have some scratches and ring marks and don’t want to make it any worse. The other side is a pretty metallic silver color so it can be reversible if you want. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

  56. 73

    by B****r

    I use this on my desk to give me extra protection and comfort on my tempered glass tabletop. For that purpose it’s awesome.

    The material provides a lot of friction and due to it’s soft and textured surface, it ends up gripping your mouse, so you really have to work to move your mouse. I use a hard mousepad on top of it and it works great.

    I don’t regret the purchase, but I expected the material and texture to provide resistance to the mouse feet, so no big deal for me.

  57. 73

    by E***n

    Parcel did not come opened dispute money returned

  58. 73

    by F***l

    As in the photo I thank the store

  59. 73

    by F***o

    Product as described but not used. The problem was that requested the shipping to other address because am traveling but was sent to wrong address. Luck was that the neighbor received.

  60. 73

    by L***v

    Super, thank you very much, great gun, bought the second one already.

  61. 73

    by A***n

    good product. ok shipment

  62. 73

    by A***i


  63. 73

    by G***f

    good quality. yet to use it but seems sturdy

  64. 73

    by V***a

    Delivery is fast, the quality of the goods is excellent.

  65. 73

    by F***o

    Great quality product, recommend to everyone.

  66. 73

    by L***l

    All ok, thanks.

  67. 73

    by Customer

    Horrible store, took very long to deliver. Way pass the committed date stated on the order screen. Definitely say no to this seller. I will not patronise again.

  68. 73

    by P***p

    muy buena. gracias

  69. 73

    by P***l

    Product good delivery time

  70. 73

    by T***i

    65 days ,finally got it . thank you

  71. 73

    by J***i

    Excellent Product

  72. 73

    by A***r

    Excellent product and fast delivery.

  73. 73

    by R***d

    رائع حبيته مرة و سهل الاستخدام وجودته جيدة جدا

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