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Glow Neon Cable

There is something about the mesmerizing glow of neon lights that many of us still find very attractive. However, neon lights are difficult to manufacture and require a lot of skill in bending and shaping glass tubes (plus, they are quite fragile). That’s where electroluminescent light comes into place. Similar to true neon light, this light type, featured in this neon cable, has light properties that are very similar to neon lights but they are flexible and more importantly, a whole lot cheaper than actual neon lights.



Working with our neon cable requires a little experimentation and a little imagination. From festive home decoration, interior decoration (light-up bar, anyone?), cool light trimmings for vehicles (both interior and exterior) and one-of-a-kind light-up costumes, you can use your creativity to make any use of the multifunctional light. Our neon cable is so unique that it’s been used for costumes at festivals and events such as Burning Man.



Our neon cable, like neon lights, offers 360 degrees of illumination. It comes in various colors, can be easily bent into any shape and cut to any length. They are powered by a power pack that normally uses two AA batteries. The power pack is lightweight and can be easily hidden in a pocket if you are using the wires on a light-up costume. Depending on the circuitry on the power pack, the pack may support various lighting modes and different speeds of flashing effects. If you’re experienced with electronics, you can further enhance the lighting abilities of this cord to sync with music and beats.



Wire Diameter: 2.3mm / 0.91in

Voltage: AV90V~130V

Frequency: 400Hz~5000Hz

Powered By: 2 X AA batteries (not included)

Working Temperature Range: – 10°C to 60°C



Package Includes:

1 x Neon Cable (1m / 39.4in)

1 x Neon Cable (3m / 118in)

1 x Neon Cable (5m / 196.9in)

1 x Controller (batteries not included)


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Brand Name






Glow Supplies Type

Other Glow Props

Model Number

LED Wire Cable

Glowing Time

Long time


EL Wire Cable

Product Type

luminous ball


led party

Special Use

christmas ball led


christmas decorations


luminous costumes


led clothing


led clothes


neon party


glowing wires

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137 Reviews For This Product

  1. 137

    by T***s

    It was easy to use. I made neon signs for my boyfriend’s bar and they came out great. They seem durable and look awesome.

  2. 137

    by M***w

    Not tested yet, but looks great, thanks!

  3. 137

    by C***s

    It is pretty flexible and nice colors for fun projects with your kids. Now my kids are making art work on their own.

  4. 137

    by W***m

    Arrived safe. Looks great. Thanks to the store!

  5. 137

    by S***e

    Great for creating portable faux neon designs (signage, costumes, sculpture). Good color range.

  6. 137

    by R***t

    Excellent quality of product! Advise this store 🙂

  7. 137

    by M***n

    Fast shipping and good quality. Advise this and this store~

  8. 137

    by A***r

    So much fun to use. We use them for flag football at night, we have made fun outfits with these. No complaints.

  9. 137

    by M***a

    Super nice item! My roommate is delighted with my new cable

  10. 137

    by N***e

    I used a glue gun to attach these to my costume- it looked amazing and the wire held up without problem. Was able to remove the glue when I was done easily, and wire still looked good. Very bright. Only complaint was a few wires were noisy but in the noise of the party I never heard it.

  11. 137

    by J***a

    Better quality than expected, Shipping was quite fast!

  12. 137

    by D***l

    Very fun and easy Halloween Costume (just Velcro, rubber bands, and safety pins to make a quick and easy stick-person.) Wrapped lights around dog leash for night walks. I will order these again.

  13. 137

    by F***e

    Everything is super good! Thank you! I‘ll order more in the future!!!

  14. 137

    by T***m

    Excellent product! No problems with delivery. Color is exactly that I needed. thank you 🙂

  15. 137

    by M***y

    Buying from this store was a good choice. Price is pretty low yet the quality is amazing

  16. 137

    by G***e

    I had a lot of question about quality and delivery and store was really helpful. Thank you so much!

  17. 137

    by M***e

    Perfect for lighting up my Onewheel on night rides. Used 3M VHB tape to hold it on. Makes for a real head turner!

  18. 137

    by M***a

    I used this for a Halloween costume and it worked well and was plenty flexible for what I needed it for.

  19. 137

    by S***n

    Very bright, even in the daylight. Much better than expected and so cheap. Definitely recommend.

  20. 137

    by M***e

    Super bright! Easy to bend, really great purchase for price! Shipped very quickly too. Thank you!

  21. 137

    by R***t

    Nice little bright neon light. My son wanted this for his grandpa who likes to make different types of crafts. The lights uses 2AA batteries.

  22. 137

    by F****d

    Works just as described, good price and good product.

  23. 137

    by D***d

    Bought a couple of these for photography. I’m so happy with the quality of the lights. They even have two different blinking options. Love how it takes 2AA batteries, so convenient! Definitely buying more colors in the future!

  24. 137

    by T***s

    Works perfectly. Color (blue) is fantastic – vibrant, not a faint light. The battery pack does emit a high-pitched whine. So, if you plan to have it near your head (like on a hat) it’ll likely be annoying. We are using it inside a plastic steampunk gun and on a costume, so whine won’t be an issue.

  25. 137

    by S***n

    These are great! I used them to make faux neon signs for my friends for Christmas. I bent a piece of wire into their names, and then I hot glued the EL wire to that. They’re true to color, bright and and easy to work with. They do make the buzzing sound that I’ve seen other people mention in their ratings, but it is really only noticeable if you’re right by the item when it’s turned on.

  26. 137

    by H*****y

    These are awesome and make a great glow effect! However one of the cable emit noise when on.

  27. 137

    by L***a

    I got this for a cosplay, as I am gathering up materials to make it. In the meantime, it has been used for mood lighting, been stitched to a jacket temporarily, and used to test the visibility in a papercut lightbox! It’s fun to play with. I may have to get more of these.

  28. 137

    by A****a

    Easy to use and wrap around your body for costumes. Used it while at a music festival and got lots of compliments and never got lost in the darkness. Battery powered and lasted for long hours.

  29. 137

    by D****l

    Product makes a slight sound when on. Otherwise great.

  30. 137

    by B***n

    I use it on my dogs leash when I walk him at night. My daughter wants to decorate her room and make gifts for her friends with it. My wife is a photographer and she already has many plans for using it.

  31. 137

    by L***a

    These lights are super bright and very flexible. I taped them to my sons clothing so he could be a glow stick man for Halloween. He is 12 and you know how much energy a 12 year old boy has….. he ran around and played and the lights didn’t stop him. They make a little buzz sound from the battery box but he had it in his pocket so they didn’t bother him a lot.

  32. 137

    by M***n

    Just what I needed for my son’s Godzilla costume. It was easy to glue with silicone and it didn’t affect the brightness of it. It didn’t come with any instructions so I didn’t know that it had three different modes. It is very bright and looks amazing in the dark. Saving for whatever he decides to be next year.

  33. 137

    by D***d

    I bought two (one for each bee wing) which made my wings the focal point and took my entire costume to a higher level. The fast blink setting was really fun on the dance floor. The battery boxes make a little buzzing sound but holds battery well and, overall, held up great! I would definitely buy this again for future projects!

  34. 137

    by W***m

    I bought this light strip to make a concrete & acrylic LED light up planter as a gift for my boyfriend and it worked extremely well! It was incredibly durable even in dealing with concrete and resign. I used a blue aluminum can behind the resign which augmented the LED blue color and the project turned out well! I really liked the control’s ability to adjust the light string to a static light, or simple flashing or quick flashing modes. Will definitely buy it again!

  35. 137

    by W***m

    I used this to add lighting to a hat. There is a slight electrical whine that emmits from the battery pack. The battery pack was somewhat near my ear since it was built into a hat, but it was easily drowned out on the convention floor where I wore it the most. You can definitely hear this when it’s quiet though, so if you feel it may bother you, you may want to make sure it’s hidden away from your head, and instead elsewhere in your project if it’s a wearable.

  36. 137

    by S***a

    This is doubtless one of the best, if not the first-class items of thiskind I have ever had the joy to use. I have the impression it is a good purchase. It got in the post above what was it was predicted and saved me a lot of hassle, since I needed it in short order. I was incredibly thankful to the customer service. Highly recommended!

  37. 137

    by H***y

    I bought these specifically so I could make a glow in the dark stickman costume like the ones you see online. The wire comes rolled up so it’s difficult to get it to lay flat/straight. I used safety pins to “fix” the wires to my clothing. It worked well enough for me. The wires are bright, much brighter than buying the glow sticks from the dollar store and taping them together to make a stick man. I got several compliments about my costume!

  38. 137

    by T***m

    My family’s Christmas party theme this year is Ug-lee Christmas Sweater. I bought this because I’m planning to sew it on my ug-lee sweater. I love the blue glowing light. It has 3 modes: slow blinking, fast blinking and steady. It makes use of 2 AA batteries so you don’t have to plug it into a power outlet. The strand is thin and easy to bend. Perfect for costumes. I hope this is safe to wear and won’t overheat after long hours of use. I’m so excited on how it looks like on my ug-lee sweater. I haven’t heard of any buzzing sound when it’s on so far. I have no complains. I’ll give this 5 glowing stars!

  39. 137

    by A***a

    These worked perfectly! My daughter wanted a light up costume for Halloween. We attached one strand (blue) to a black hoodie and another (yellow) to black pants. I stitched them on with black thread, her friend used a strand and just used shipping tape to attach- both ways worked great. Each strand has a small battery pack- we stuck them in pockets of hoodie. There is a low humming sound when each battery pack is turned on but if there is any noise around you at all you won’t notice- it would have to be a completely silent room to hear it. The brightness was perfect. Her costume was a hit. Kids have now used strands to decorate their rooms. Definitely recommend!

  40. 137

    by R***r

    The goods came all as in the description, not yet tried.

  41. 137

    by O***a

    product works

  42. 137

    by E***e

    Delivery 1,5 month. The cable is good original, it glows bright! Thank you.

  43. 137

    by D***e

    I love them.

  44. 137

    by G***e

    It shines normally, at night you can see where the child is riding, its function performs fully.

  45. 137

    by N***s

    Good Goods, fast delivery. I am pleased.

  46. 137

    by A***k

    Goods arrived very quickly. Works. It has 3 functions: flashing fast, flashing and pile up constantly.

  47. 137

    by G***z

    Very fast delivery, very useful, use two batteries, recommended

  48. 137

    by S***a

    It came quickly, everything works properly thanks❤

  49. 137

    by A***v

    Everything is super and quickly delivered

  50. 137

    by N***v

    Matches. Really whistles, but not loud.

  51. 137

    by K***a

    Cool tape. If you attach to the suit, of course it will not be very convenient, but you can. As ordered, 3 meters came. Color Cool

  52. 137

    by D***r

    thank you

  53. 137

    by S***l

    # Shipping at 29-09-2020 The 09-11-2020 In 41 days shipping to Austria the went fast and slow Super quality just like on the photo Is arrived at 21-10-2020 in the Austrian Post branch Needs for 5 km to my home the package 19 days shipping with the Austrian post where it most 21-10-2020 arrived The had no aircraft to deliver instead is it with the 0.001 PS vehicle has been shipped Usually if it shipping has been from 10.000 km distance I receive it in about 14 days with free free or mini shipping fee Had a display at the police make and have after a couple days my package of the Austrian Post receive Because the Post Office workers the package keep have without Display I don’t receive

  54. 137

    by A***v

    A month on the road. Write quietly I do not pay attention to the glow well the cord is flexible as a lace.

  55. 137

    by D***v

    Very quickly delivered to Moscow. At first glance, the quality is very good.

  56. 137

    by A***o

    Spectacular. Beautiful color. I’ll buy more. Shipping effectively fast

  57. 137

    by G***a

    Very good quality-better than I expected. The color is bright. I was preparing to hear the control box, but only when I brought it to my ear. Perhaps a little heard in silence, and in the day’s vanity nothing is heard. I took a small sample, but now I’ll order more.

  58. 137

    by A***a

    Really liked the tapes, shine brightly in three modes, fast delivery, need two finger batteries, not included in the kit

  59. 137

    by Customer

    All compatible with description, fast delivery, recommended.

  60. 137

    by Customer


  61. 137

    by D***v

    Excellent. It came in a couple of weeks.

  62. 137

    by G***r

    Okay came fast

  63. 137

    by A***n

    Everything is fine. It came quickly. Glow brightly. I recommend it to everyone.

  64. 137

    by H***t

    Nice color. Did not measure the length. Only thing with testing was a high pitch noise. It has a different tone with the 3 different stands. The batteryholder has a clip to put on a belt or something els.

  65. 137

    by E***v

    It came very quickly, the quality is good

  66. 137

    by A***a

    Good tapes, only the unit squeaks, not much, but it’s heard

  67. 137

    by K***v

    Glow. Squeak heard)

  68. 137

    by A***v

    только распаковал пока не включал нет батареек

  69. 137

    by G***v

    Very cool, can be used as a garland and for a suit, and as decorations for anything, in short, how much fantasy is enough. Description corresponds, works on two batteries-not included, the cord is very flexible, there is a small squeak from the power supply, but this is not very noticeable. The track is tracked, in Moscow in a week came, packed well.

  70. 137

    by E***a


  71. 137

    by Customer

    In Tyumen in 22 days, the track is not tracked, the child is satisfied.

  72. 137

    by D***V

    Everything is clear. Whistles heterodyne sound, but this is heard only if the unit keep at head level, if it does not hear anything in your pocket, it glows in several modes.

  73. 137

    by G***r

    3 метра как в описании. Светит не ярко но равномерно. Пришёл за 20 дней

  74. 137

    by M***r

    Glows bright and evenly. Recommend. With the store did not communicate, it came quickly, in less than 3 weeks in the Vladimir region

  75. 137

    by E***a

    Светит хорошо (естественно не в условиях яркого освещения, а в сумерках и темноте). Выглядит очень красиво, цвета классные. Блок для батареек действительно пищит, как все и пишут, но мне не мешает. Товаром довольна, с продавцом не общалась. Батарейки в комплект не входят

  76. 137

    by A***m

    класс, пришло быстро

  77. 137

    by A***z

    All right and the store answers fast

  78. 137

    by V***i

    All ok

  79. 137

    by S***c

    So excellent with very fast shipment

  80. 137

    by A***a

    отличная штука!!!)

  81. 137

    by M***a

    Very fast delivery. Great shining.

  82. 137

    by G***m


  83. 137

    by V***o

    The goods came on time but not under the track number that the store indicated. Maybe Mail jambs. The seller is sociable. I checked the goods. The quality is excellent. Recommend!!!

  84. 137

    by I***s

    The color is bright, the quality is good, I recommend.

  85. 137

    by A***k


  86. 137

    by T***e


  87. 137

    by E***e

    They work well

  88. 137

    by P***p


  89. 137

    by I***a

    Great and works perfectly

  90. 137

    by Customer

    Es muy buen producto y la etrega fue efectiva

  91. 137

    by A***z

    Funciona bien pero suena un poco

  92. 137

    by M***r

    Уже заказывали. Яркие, прочные, 3 режима мигания, обшивали куртку, будем доделывать ещё, тогда дополню отзыв и прикрепляю фото. Пока вот.

  93. 137

    by K***v

    Working capacity did not check-there are no batteries included

  94. 137

    by S***v

    100% description. Can buy.

  95. 137

    by G***A

    Товар очень долго шёл. Пришло все в рабочем состоянии. упаковано хорошо. Продавца рекомендую

  96. 137

    by C***a

    Very good. Easy to use. It came fast. I liked it. I’m perfect on the TV.

  97. 137

    by D***t

    Everything is fine only squeaks when turned on, very vile squeaks

  98. 137

    by M***v

    При работе издаёт писк как от наручных часов. Светит и пищит в трёх режимах. 1 свет и писк постоянный ;2 мигает и пищит с частотой один раз в секунду ;3 мигает и пищит с частотой два раза в секунду примерно.

  99. 137

    by R***r

    Everything works well, packed well.

  100. 137

    by A***n

    Works, glows, peaks during work

  101. 137

    by D***s

    works really well. Just what I was looking for!!

  102. 137

    by S***v

    I order not for the first time, perfectly glows. Recommend.

  103. 137

    by M***d

    Works great

  104. 137

    by Т***а

    Bright glow. Everything works. All as indicated.

  105. 137

    by U***r

    Work well. Illuminate solid, slow flash, or quick flash. Very happy with purchase.

  106. 137

    by A***n

    Excellent thing, only works at the constant press of the button, it upsets

  107. 137

    by S***v

    Flexible, glow evenly. Need 2 finger batteries, in the kit there is no. Batteries from the fixprice work half an hour-an hour and the tape begins to blink and gradually turns off at all. Need good batteries, but in general, everything is fine!)

  108. 137

    by Customer


  109. 137

    by U***n

    Great product this is my second purchase with this store. Great product. Thanks guys keep up the good work

  110. 137

    by V***n

    When the power supply is turned on, the squeak is heard.

  111. 137

    by A***r

    As described

  112. 137

    by A***v

    It came faster than the specified time limit

  113. 137

    by R***r

    Товар пришёл раньше, чем я думала. Заказывала 1м. Светит хорошо, мигает, если нажать кнопку на блоке

  114. 137

    by S***l

    Very fast shipping, great communication. Very good packaging. All arrived in working order. Very happy.

  115. 137

    by N***r

    Всё работает. Потребление тока около 500 мА при напряжении 3,5 В.

  116. 137

    by V***k

    Came, works

  117. 137

    by D***d

    Thank you, everything is super!

  118. 137

    by F***z

    All right, good store.

  119. 137

    by L***s

    Very handsome, I will ask again, it fits the price, I recommend

  120. 137

    by M***z

    <2en> super top!!

  121. 137

    by Customer

    Perfect arrival

  122. 137

    by M***n

    Nice. It comes out with a sound like a whistle but not strong .. It has three levels of light.

  123. 137

    by Z***d

    doesn’t come with a battery, shipping around a month and a half. Product similar nto picture. Haven’t tried it yet but looks good.

  124. 137

    by 3***r

    All as in the picture

  125. 137

    by A***v

    Thanks stores! Delivered quickly in integrity and safety. Kids are welcome.

  126. 137

    by U***r

    Все отлично! Быстрая доставка! Ничего не пищит… прикольная вещь-можно экспериментировать! Продавцу- респект и удачи!

  127. 137

    by A***k

    Delivery month, at first glance everything is fine. Until I turned on, batteries need to be bought

  128. 137

    by Z***r

    Delivery time is excellent, 3 weeks to Minsk. the lights are dim, maybe need to insert good batteries.

  129. 137

    by F***r

    Taken all the colors it takes too many batteries 2 per box

  130. 137

    by F***r

    Trop de pliles

  131. 137

    by F***r

    Not super bright 2 batteries per wire

  132. 137

    by F***r


  133. 137

    by F***r

    How to hold on clothes ??? Very

  134. 137

    by A***o

    Everything is super! Share ideas!!! We will make the world beautiful)))

  135. 137

    by N***a

    Came to Moscow quickly and were perfectly packed. Thank you store.

  136. 137

    by N***a

    Came to Moscow quickly. Well packed. Thank you store.

  137. 137

    by V***a

    Not very bright and, indeed, squeaks when included. 3 illumination modes

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